Speak to and See Your Visitors With the Xinda Wireless Wifi Doorbell

A simple doorbell was once all you needed to know when someone is at your front door. As tech moved along, we added a camera and then a voice call feature that let you hear and see the person calling long before you decide to open that door. The Xinda wireless works on this principle only that it takes it a step further and forwards all the calls at the front door to a select mobile phone number.

This doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi or LAN, creating an efficient two-way intercom between your cell phone and the doorbell. This means that you can hear your visitors talk on your smartphone and see them to verify their identity before you make the long trip to the door.

Design and Features

The doorbell itself is a sleek rectangular piece with a camera at the very top, a call button at the bottom and a speaker for anyone at the door to hear what you are saying. Since it is a two-way device, you can all talk simultaneously and understand each other perfectly. The only thing your visitor will miss is video, which is quite insightful from a security and privacy point of view.

A single Xinda wireless doorbell can support up to 8 smartphones meaning that more than one person in your home will have the power to remotely control the doorbell. A wide angle lens gives you an up to 150-degree field of view while a picture and video recording features guarantee you of proper front door surveillance even when you are not home.

Unlike most remote cameras that run on battery power, the Xinda wireless wifi doorbell will tap into your AC mains power supply or run from a DC power source hence reducing the number of times you have to replace the batteries on your unit.

Notable Features

Commendable weather resistance makes it at home on the outdoors. The Xinda smart doorbell can withstand -20 to 70 degrees Celsius and a few splatters of water. It would, however, be wise to install it in a protected section of your front door and avoid unnecessary exposure to the elements. This will have a profound impact on its lifespan and reliability.

The camera packs night vision capabilities that will keep your visual control over the front door alive even when the security light is off or it is too dark to use the regular day camera

Supports up to 8 smart devices on iOS or Android will have most of the people in the house connected to the doorbell

What You Might Not Like

While the Xinda wireless doorbell might let you talk to the person at the door over your smartphone, that is the furthest it gets as a smart doorbell. It won’t let you set automated response or give you some control over the door as other high-end smart doorbells do.


Being able to see who is at the front door before you answer or open the front door will always give you a tactical advantage.

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