Turbo Scrub 360 Cordless Scrubber Review

Cleaning out stains, especially in the bathroom is one of the most demanding tasks that you can have in your home. You have to scrub through grime, scum, rust, and hard water stains among others.

It would take a long time, even hours to complete scrubbing this area if you rely on an ordinary brush and still the end result would be underwhelming. But with the Turbo 360 Cordless Scrub, you do not have to go through the hassle of tirelessly scrubbing away for hours without satisfying results.

Built specifically to clean out your bathroom, the Turbo 360 Scrub spares you from having to bend your back with its extension wand and spins at an impressive 300 revolutions per minute to make the scrubbing job quick and easy.

The scrub has the ability to fit into fittings and fixtures to ensure that you never miss a spot. Its bristles are also tailored for cleaning out the hard to reach areas meaning you end up with a spotlessly clean bathroom – or kitchen where you can also use it stoves, metal grates, cooktops, and sinks among others. You can also clean your car with this device.

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So how would you use this device if you purchase one? I am going to show exactly how to use and deal with it in the next section of this article.

How to use Turbo Scrub 360

Upon unboxing the Turbo Scrub 360, you will find a wall charger, a head, a handle, an extension wand, and three different brushes. The brushes include a corner brush, a heavy-duty brush, and an all-purpose brush. Its battery is in-built and is rechargeable.

Setting the scrubber up is quite easy – fix the handle onto the head or the extension and then the handle if needed before picking the brush depending on the nature of cleaning. Charge the scrubber up before using. You can get approximately 45 minutes of service in a single two-hour Turbo Scrub 360 charging period.

After charging, sprinkle any cleaning agent onto the surface you want to clean. Power up the Turbo Scrub 360 and guide along the surface and let it do the scrubbing for you. Upon satisfaction, rinse out your cleaning area and repeat the process if necessary.

Turbo 360

How to charge your Turbo Scrub

Charging the Turbo 360 is quite easy. You simply connect it to a wall socket and wait for it to charge up for some time. It takes approximately a couple of hours for the Turbo Scrub to charge fully. Unplug it and get on with scrubbing.

You can refer to the Turbo charging instructions for further information regarding charging. According to some Turbo 360 reviews from some users, the charging time is a bit long given the batteries small capacity. This is the case because unlike most modern appliances, the battery in the Turbo 360 is nickel-metal rather than the common lithium-ion.

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On the positive side, some users claim usage times of up to one hour – though this may boil down to the speed settings which are adjustable and the nature of the cleaning being done. Tough stains definitely take up more power than mild dirt on a surface.

In the box, you get Turbo Scrub replacement brushes depending on the nature of work you intend to do. Switching between the brushes is simple. Pull out the existing brush and just snap the replacement brush into place.

Use the heavy-duty brush for tough stains, the corner brush to reach tight areas, and the all-purpose for standard general cleaning with no special requirements.

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