Why Pick the Triangle Bulbs T90020 for Warm Atmosphere Creation

Energy expenses are part of the utility bills that most people worry about at the end of each month. Given the increasing focus on saving energy and its associated costs, you should consider replacing your ordinary 40 or 60-watt decorative light bulbs.

Having said that, the Triangle Bulbs T90020 that come in a pack of 10 offer what you would want in a bulb for a replacement project. Each of the bulbs has a power rating of 5 watts, which clearly points to its low energy consumption.

Despite being a 5-watt bulb, one Triangle bulb packs an amazing 300 lumens. Such a high number of lumens makes the bulb ideal for rooms that require bright light, which you could initially only get when using 25-watt G16 incandescent lamps or higher.

Why Choose These LED Globe Bulbs

The top reasons for buying these bulbs range from their super low energy consumption to their decorative build and design. As such, the reasons boil down to how effective the bulbs can help accent the lighting in your home.

To put things into perspective, these amber light bulbs have features that make them suitable and compatible with many light fixtures.

The top features include no UV, are energy star certified, no mercury, instantly dimmable, no flicker, color 3000K, and no hum. These small decorative light bulbs can produce a soft white light that can easily accent your lighting to produce a warm atmosphere.

After purchasing the bulbs, you can use them on chandeliers or fix them on standard base bulbs. Having said so, the LED bulbs should come in handy as night lights in your bedroom.

Take Away

Homeowners looking for a solution regarding their lighting system and energy consumption should look no further than this pack of 10 LED globe bulbs. The low wattage ratings mean minimal energy consumption, which translates to low utility costs. However, the major gain that comes with these bulbs is their high brightness level.



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