Tovnet WiFi Security Light Bulb With Camera Review

Standard light bulbs play a key role in lighting up your home when darkness falls. However, imagine a situation where your light bulb offers more than simply lighting – by adding extra security to your home! What if you had a light bulb that has the capability of monitoring the activities in your premises while you are away? The Tovnet WiFi Security WiFi Camera does just that by incorporating both surveillance and lighting features on a simple light bulb. This product is quite easy for anyone to set up and offers a peace of mind while you are away from home.

Main Features

The Tovnet camera is a dual set up of a surveillance camera and an LED light, which you can easily screw into a socket. Powering it up requires the mundane actions of flipping a switch and the camera starts rolling alongside the light. The product as its name suggests utilizes a WiFi connection to transmit visual data to your phone. To enable this feature, you require the Tovnet Cam app, which is available in both the Play Store and the App Store.

Tovent Security light with camera

Tovnet provides a wide angle of 120 degrees high definition streaming in real time. This feature couples up with night vision capability to offer you crystal clear surveillance video even on the darkest nights. Besides providing security footage, this device also comes with motion sensing capabilities. With this feature, you can get alerts from angles where the camera may not reach.

The inventive Tovnet camera promises security for your home or business promises, even if you are halfway across the planet, with its email alert system. If the camera or motion sensor bulb detects an intruder back at home, you get an instant email alert. This feature allows you to take action such as, alerting relevant authorities of break-ins regardless of your location.

Additional Features

Besides using the WiFi light bulb security camera with your phone, you can also use it with your personal computer and get the same features. Tovnet has an SD card slot that allows you to record footage from this smart bulb without a WiFi connection. Similarly, you can record the footage directly into your smartphone as long as you have a WiFi connection in place.


The WiFi security camera also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker. This feature allows you to communicate with visitors at your doorstep by talking into your connected smartphone. Installing the camera is also quite easy since it has the mechanism of a screw-in light bulb. It is the only step required during the installation process meaning a technician is not necessary saving you some extra bucks.


  • Easy to install majorly because it uses a wireless connection
  • It has a motion sensing capability
  • Wide view angles that allow you to view your entire yard
  • Smartphone integration, which enables mobile access to your house’s footage
  • Email alerts to allow you to know the situation at your home
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, so that you can listen to voices at your home
  • Clear footage unlike the grainy security cameras being sold everywhere
  • The lighting can be operated separately from the camera through the supplied remote control


  • Footage transmission uses a lot of bandwidth; hence you will need a good router for transmitting live video.
  • Susceptible to interference over WiFi
  • Being a new product that is still being improved, expect some glitches before it is perfected.

Tovnet Computer surveillance


The Tovnet WiFi Security Camera is a cheaper alternative to the traditional hardwired surveillance IP set in homes or business premises. Its clear footage makes it the best option if you are after quality videos. It is easy to use and additional features also make it a great security solution option. It is made by Tovnet, a Korean firm, and is available on Kickstarter and Amazon.

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