Tiger vs Zojirushi Water Boilers: Which Is The Best?

Life is definitely more comfortable with a water boiler and warmer than with an electric kettle. However, as far as water boilers are concerned, it can be incredibly tough to choose between a Tiger and Zojirushi water boiler. Well, all these Japanese–made water boilers do an incredibly awesome job compared to their nearest competitors.

As a buyer, you definitely want the best and that’s why you’re reading this comparison. As a result, I have spent hours researching and consulting with experts about these water boilers. Besides using them, I have also read multiple consumer reviews about the same and contacted other buyers for more details. In the end, I have come up with this review, which I believe will help you make a decision that will impress you for as long as you own that water boiler and warmer.

tiger boiler and warmer

There is a high chance that you can relate to the hassle of using a traditional electric kettle to heat your water. You have to reheat your water for that second cup of coffee. As such, electrical kettles lead to energy wastage and are less environmentally friendly. Also, if your kettle has a plastic interior, which puts you at risk of becoming a victim of the harmful effects of BPA. With a good water boiler, you can avoid all these problems thanks to its keep warm feature. Below is a comparison between two of the leading water boiler brands, Tiger vs Zojirushi.


Zojirushi vs Tiger Comparison

Parameter Tiger water boiler Zojirushi water boiler
Capacity (liters) 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0
Interior Non-stick Non-stick
Temperature Settings (0F) 158, 194, and 208 160, 175, 195, and 208

Design & Build

Zojirushi: These water boilers normally have a stainless steel body with a hard plastic bottom and top section. Right on the metal body, there is a panorama window that allows you to easily see the water level, which is crucial. The upper part is made of a hardened plastic with the front section containing the timer and control unites. The interior side of the Zojirushi water boiler is made from non-stick material, which is easier to maintain, doesn’t rust, and doesn’t contain harmful elements like BPA. It comes with a detachable power cord.

Tiger: Just like the Zojirushi, the Tiger water boiler has an entire body made from stainless steel except for the upper and lower sections. In the middle, there is a normal glass window for viewing the water level, which is not as efficient as the Panaroma window in the Zojirushi. It has fewer controls at the top and has a timer for inputting settings. The inside lining consists of a non-stick coat which is BPA free and easy to clean and maintain. It also has a detachable power cord for increased safety and convenience.

Winner: Zojirushi

Zojirushi boiler and warmer


Zojirushi: With the Zojirushi water boiler, you will get to choose between 3.0L, 4.0L, and 5.0L. The CD model comes in these three capacities while the CV model comes only in 4.0L and 5.0L. Whether you want hot water for preparing baby food or personal use at the press of a button, any of these capacities will suit you well.

Tiger: The tiger water boiler, on the other hand, is available in 2.9L, 3.0L, 4.0L, and 5.0L depending on the model you select. The PDR is available in 3.0L, the PIF in 2.9L, PVW in 2.9L, and the PDU in 3.0L, 4.0L, and 5.0L.

Winner: Tiger


Zojirushi: This water heater and warmer is a joy to use. It comes with 4 keep warm temperatures, 160, 175, 195, and 208 degrees Fahrenheit, which are sufficient for any teas and foods.

It also comes with a Quick temp function that enables it to reach 160 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit without reaching boiling point. How is this important? Well, this saves more power compared to conventional heating used in other brands where water has to reach its boiling point first. Its keep warm feature keeps water at your preferred temperature for as long as you need it.

Tiger: The tiger water warmer and boiler comes with 4 different temperatures, which are 158, 176, 194, and 208 degrees Fahrenheit which are more exact for specific teas and don’t differ very much to the Zojirushi. It also has two sleep timer settings for 6 and 9 hours which help conserve energy. Its re-boil function quickly brings water to boil whenever you need.

Winner: Zojirushi

Energy consumption

Both models consumer less electricity but the Zojirushi has an upper hand due to its Quick Temp technology that accelerates the way water is heated to your preferred temperature. While Tiger has several sleep timer settings for energy conservation and re-boil function, the Quick Temp function does a better job.

Winner: Zojirushi


Whether you need a good water boiler and warmer for home or commercial use, price is always an important factor to consider. It’s always the best combination between performance and price that consumers tend to look for. In this case, the Tiger is priced lower than the Zojirushi by a few bucks. You can view Zojirushi’s price here and the Tiger’s price here.

Winner: Tiger


Zojirushi vs Tiger is a topic that will always surface whenever people are taking about water boilers and warmers. This is not to say that there aren’t any other brands in the market –just that these are two of the best. Having reviewed different aspects of these boilers, there isn’t a big difference in between. However, the Zojirushi beats its competitor marginally in various crucial factors such as performance and energy consumption and as such is the best water boiler and warmer that you can get in the market right now.

Overall winner: Zojirushi

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