Tech Toyz Aerodrone X6 RC Quadcopter Drone Review

The Tech Toyz Aerodrone X6 quad is an ideal microquad not just for kids, but also beginners who want to get their hands on a real drone for practice.

With a HD camera, tough plastic body frame, and a 3-speed setting, the Aerodrone X6 quadcopter delivers way more that you can expect at its price.


The Tech Toyz micro drone comes in hard plastic that won’t be easily destroyed by falls or collisions with trees. Its robust nature makes it perfect for kids and beginners who still have to master tactics. It also has a propeller cage that protects the propellers from damages whenever it hits obstacles.

Battery Life

The Aero drone X6 has a built-in battery. This setting is meant to prevent kids from messing up with the battery.

There are two connectors on the rear end to complete the circuit and put the drone in flight mode whenever you want to take it out for a spin.

Expect a flight time of about 5 to 8 minutes on full charge depending on the manner you fly the X6. Charging is done via a USB connector.

HD Camera

Although this drone has been touted to have an HD camera, don’t expect the GoPro quality. The camera on the Tech Toyz X6 Aerodrone is only of decent quality and pointed downwards.

The quality and angle mean that you wouldn’t get much out of it if you were to use this drone for aerial photography. However, if you are getting the X6 drone as a toy for your kids, this camera is sufficient.

It also comes with a 4GB SD card for storing the videos and images recorded and sharing them via a computer.


The Aero drone X6 a very small quad that will easily fit in your palm. It is also very light and compact. It has a frame around it to protect the propellers and this is what gives it its compact size. At this size, it would have easily benefited from a more power and a longer battery life.


The drone has a 4 channel controller with a trim adjustment allowing for precise flying and enhanced control. Although it has an antenna that sticks out of the controller, the X6 aerodrone can only fly less than 150 feet away before losing signal.


Flying the Tech Toyz Aerodrone X6 quad is a good experience for kids and beginners. It has a decent flight range and is very stable when there isn’t a strong wind.

Impressively, the drone comes with a Return Home feature and headless feature, which is unexpected given the low price range. It also has a 3-speed setting that helps improve the quality of the flight as well as perform impressive stunts.

The stability of the drone is made possible courtesy of the 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization that is responsible for increasing balance, enhancing stabilization, boosting video clarity, and ensuring a smooth flight.

You don’t want to take this drone out when there is a strong wind. However, when the wind is low, you can navigate easily by switching to a higher speed mode, preferably 60 or 100.

Don’t fly this micro-drone too far or you’ll end up losing it. The drone shouldn’t also be flown at night since it doesn’t have LED lights at the back, making it easy to lose.

Depending on your flight mode, speed, and techniques, the flight time should be between 5 and 8 minutes.


Tech Toyz price the X6 Aerodrone at slightly under $50. This makes it one of the cheapest yet functional drones you can lay your hands on. However, with this price you shouldn’t expect to get something that beats the Syma, which is a leader in toy drones, in any aspect.

Highlight: The Techtoyz X6 microdrone is highly functional considering its price which falls slightly under $50. Check the current price.


  • It has return home and headless features
  • Highly stable when there isn’t wind
  • Comes with a decent camera
  • 4 channel controller for precise flights
  • Performs stunts mid-air at the push of a button


  • LEDs are only located on the front
  • No propeller size or type indications which means you might have to get a new drone when your last pair of propellers get damaged

The Tech Toyz aerodrome X6 isn’t perfect but delivers the thrill and satisfaction that comes with flying a drone as a toy or for the first time. If you need more power and functionality, you should go for the Syma models. However, at less than $50 on Amazon, this drone is worth getting.

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