Tatami Massage Bed -The Best SmartBed We’ve Ever Seen!

If you are the kind of person who feels like you can do more in bed rather than just sleep, then the Tatami massage bed is meant for you.

This bed is built for the stressful 21st century –it allows you to relax, get a massage, listen to music, work, sleep, and even store your items without sacrificing luxury. With this bed, you are avoiding the discomfort that comes with having to move every time you need anything. You are also saving time and $60 per hour you would have spent visiting a spa for a massage!

Massage Feature

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If you are the kind who wouldn’t mind a daily massage, the Tatami massage bed is meant for you. In fact, it cuts way above the deal. This bed is actually equivalent to a mini-resort right at home in your bedroom. Its massage chair is designed to be movable so you can shift it to whichever side you would like. The massage bed also comes with a remote control to ensure that you get yourself comfortable without leaving the bed.

Besides a massage chair, you will get an integrated shelf for your books and a built-in music system offering great sound quality. Besides these great features, there is also a safe to ensure your valuables stay next to you as you snooze.

Work Station

For the workaholic in you, Tatami bed provides you with a working station in your bedroom to ensure that you work in the most relaxing position. The working desk comes as a complete package with a reading light and plug-in ports to charge your electronics. There is also a foot stool with additional storage for your items and a remote control.


Extra storage tatami massage bed

The bed is wide enough to fit two people meaning you get to enjoy some of these special features with your loved one. With your fluffy mattress, pillows, and speakers to play you soothing music while you catch some sleep without even trying, it feels more luxurious that you can imagine.

The bed measures 6.56 feet long x 5.9 feet wide, but it does not come with a mattress, you will have to get your own. One more thing about the Tatami Massage Bed is that when you flip the mattress, you get additional storage! It surely does not get better than this!

Some parts of the Tatami bed are movable. You can move the massage chair or footstool from one side of the bed to the other. Depending on your taste, you can pick from a variety of the colors that the bed comes in and enjoy your days and nights in the self-contained bed.

Tatami Massage Bed Pros & Cons


  • Adequate room for two
  • Ability to work in bed
  • Integrated music system
  • Built-in shelf
  • Different color options
  • Extra storage beneath the mattress


  • Does not come with a mattress
  • Takes up a bit of extra space than your normal bed

tatami speakers on bed


Luxury and productivity are what this affordable massage bed is all about. It is definitely a go for anyone out there who may want to do more than sleep in a bed. Your productivity is bound to increase with the Tatami Massage bed given all the resourceful features it offers. The bed is also a god deal for the for those who live in tiny apartments and minimalists out there who love working with less for more. To enjoy it more, make sure to pair your bed with a comfortable mattress and a cozy king size electric blanket.

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