Sylvania Lightify Smart Lighting System Review

What are your reasons for getting smart lighting? Well, if you have seen this kind of lights and still don’t know what they have to offer, then this review will cover exactly that. With smart lights, you have the ability to switch your light bulbs on or off from anywhere through your smartphone. They also allow you to change the lighting color and sometimes dim or brighten the lighting. One such smart light that offers these features is the Sylvania Lightify from Osram. This smart lighting system offers a convenient and easy way to adapt to your lifestyle as we shall see in this review.

Osram Lightify gatewaySylvania Lightify by Osram is a smart, helpful and enriching lighting system that brings the future of lighting into your business or home. Thanks to this system, you will enjoy intelligent and connected solutions that easily adapt to your lifestyle and desires. This amazing product comes with a wireless gateway that can be plugged into a wall outlet anywhere in your home and connects up to 50 Lightify devices.

Automatic Timers & Programs

If you aren’t at home, yet you want to create an amazing mood or just light up some of the lights, Sylvania Lightify lets you do this directly from your smartphone. With this light, you can set up an automatic timer or program with preset lighting and scenes that will automatically activate even when you aren’t at home. Set all lights to go off in the morning and go on in the evening and you will save energy that could have been wasted when you forget to turn off the lights when you leave the house. You can also set the bulbs to increase or decrease brightness with time.

Remote Control Through Lightify App

Install the Lightify App and control the Sylvania lights directly from anywhere in the world right from your Android smartphone or the iPhone. You don’t have to be tech savvy to download and install the app. Simply get it from the app store or the Osram website then download and start using. Instructions on how to use it are provided too.


  • Compatible with many smart home systems including ZigBee
  • Automates the lighting procedure
  • Lights have different colors to set your preferred mood
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Helps you save money on energy bills. Lightify bulbs also use 84% less energy compared to the traditional bulbs.


  • Osram could have done better when it comes to controlling the lights from the Lightify app, since the app is inferior to what competitors offer.


If you need a smart lighting system in your home, the Sylvania Lightify by Osram is a good choice. Although it doesn’t offer as much functionality as the Philips Hue, Sylvania Lightify comes with its own set of features including flexible color changing, garden spot lighting, and indoor LED light strips. With this lighting, you can create a desirable mood, whether indoors or outdoors.

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