Homesick Candles -State Scented Candles for Those Who Miss Home

When people move to another town, state, or country due to work, school, or any other reason, it is always a matter of time before they feel homesick.

How long? That varies from one person to the next. Fortunately, homesick candles are here to provide you with that authentic home feeling in a place far away from home.

What better way to do it than through one of the most sensitive senses in humans – scent. Which also happens to be the one closely tied to memory.

State scented candles will transport you back to your hometown and revive fond memories of your time back at home.

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These custom homesick candles are manufactured using soy wax, cotton wick, synthetic and natural fragrance oils. The manufacturers took it upon themselves to seek the input of locals from each individual state in order to give the candles that distinct scent accustomed to the region.

For instance, a New York home sick candle has the scents of Adirondacks, forest brush crunching underfoot, and autumn fragrance of pumpkins and apple orchards. To complete the scent, you will smell traces of nutmeg, cinnamon, and sweet hay.

washington homesick candle

The state scented candle for Michigan will combine scents from rich chocolate, tart cherries, roses, cinnamon, and sandalwood. It is a combination of everything unique about the Great Lakes State. Once you light up the candle, the fragrance ignites memories that go all the way back to your home town in Michigan.

There are homesick state candles for every single region in the country. Individuals who have been born and raised in Virginia will be quick to identify the distinct smell of pine needles, fir, sandalwood, plus that of blooming honeysuckle and soft rain, when the Virginia homesick candle is lit.

In the MaryLand candle, you will even find the scent of salt water, bay leaf, ginger, and thyme too. The manufacturers have gone all out to ensure your immediate environment in another country is transformed to your home state of California, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Connecticut, et al – fragrance-wise. You can find all of them here.

Homesick candles serve more than one purpose at the same time. This makes them the ideal candles to use while away from home. They will provide lighting, produce the custom scent that takes care of your homesickness, and can also be used as an interior décor accessory.

texas homesick candles

Next time you are buying gifts for a friend or family member who has moved to another area, pick a candle that smells like your state and send it to them. They will be entirely grateful because nothing beats the feeling of having a piece of home with you when surrounded by unfamiliarity.

If you want to enjoy the rich atmosphere of your hometown at the comfort of your new location, state scented candles are the best option. Not only because of the affordability, but also the convenience. Get your homesick state candle today and it will be as though you never left home.

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