How to Spot a Fake Security Camera Easily

Security is one of those things every homeowner needs to take seriously. It is, therefore, important for you to prepare for any possible threats to your safety and that of your family. Incidences of crime are currently on the rise, according to recently released statistics. This is a major concern, that calls for you to set up the necessary preventive measures against intruders to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you are operating on a budget or don’t have enough money to set up cameras all over your compound, the idea of using a dummy or fake security camera in some places is one of the measures you can employ in this case.

What is a Dummy Camera?

A dummy security camera refers to precisely what the name suggests -a dummy of the real thing meant to deter criminal activity without actually recording anything. These cameras provide a cheaper option to real surveillance cameras and may in some cases work as well as the latter.

Dummy security cameras resemble actual cameras and come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Most of the cameras come with basic features whereas more advanced versions have tilt, pan, and zooming features. In some cases, you may find a dummy security camera with a motion sensor. This is important since it gives an intruder the perception that the camera is actually working.

When shopping on Amazon, you will realize that a dummy security camera is quite cheap. Some go for as little as five dollars. For example, you may purchase a dummy dome security camera for less than ten dollars. You may also get a more advanced solar dummy security camera that utilizes the sun, although for a few dollars more.

How a Fake Security Camera Works

Fake cameras have a metal body, some cables, a lens, and a seal of legitimacy. A typical dummy security camera also features a red blinking LED light to give an illusion of functionality. However, most real cameras lack this feature, thus security experts’ advice against going for dummies with the blinking light. Furthermore, the camera may move in all directions without any particular pattern. Experienced criminals are likely to be aware of these features, meaning that it won’t deter them from their activities. Also, note the fact that the phony CCTV camera serves no real purpose apart from scaring away potential criminals.

Limitations of a Dummy Security Camera

A dummy security camera may not be foolproof enough for experienced criminals. As such, it wouldn’t be effective as your primary home security. In cases where offenders successfully identify dummy cameras, it would be difficult to prove criminal activity since these fake surveillance gadgets do not record any information. These cameras may also work against you, as you may have to inform your neighbors about them to ensure they do not have a false sense of security. Doing so would also increase the risk of criminals knowing that you’ve only installed dummy CCTV cameras.

Another major concern with an outdoor dummy security camera may be legal issues. Using a fake surveillance camera may have some legal implications as seen in recent cases where business owners and homeowners have had to deal with lawsuits over having a realistic looking dummy security camera. In such cases, the plaintiffs usually claim the cameras always led them into thinking they are safe even in dangerous circumstances. Such lawsuits typically end up leaving the defendant both embarrassed, facing punishment at the same time, and having to spend on a proper surveillance system.

Should I Use a Fake Surveillance Camera?

You may think that having a fake camera is better than having zero security measures, especially if you operate in an insecure area. You may be right. However, you should bear in mind that installing fake cameras rather than real ones has its implications. Having a dummy camera rather than a real one because of cutting costs would not solve your security issues. Okay, it may deter some people, but not all. Sooner or later, your neighbors will also notice that your cameras aren’t real. It would serve you better if you invested in the real thing and be sure of your security.

What Should I Use Instead?

By looking at this information about dummy cameras, I wouldn’t be wrong to assume that you are really serious about protecting your home or business premises from intruders. For the best protection without breaking the bank, you should go for a hybrid system that comprises of real and fake security cameras. You can spend less than $100 for a good combination for your entire home. I have provided my suggestions for the best real and fake security cameras based on the comprehensive research that I have conducted.

Best Cheap Fake Security Camera

best cheap fake cameras

For your security cameras, go for the Wali Bullet dummy security camera. These cameras go for less than $20 for a set of 4 and they are designed in a way that makes them look more realistic. They come with warning stickers and even have a cable attached to resemble real wired surveillance cameras. They can be installed on the ceiling or wall and come with screws and steel brackets for the installation. The Wali Bullet cameras are made from high quality materials and are operated by 2 AA batteries.

Best Cheap Home Security Camera

best cheap home security camera

When it comes to surveillance cameras for your home, you want nothing but the best. However, this doesn’t mean that you should break the bank to get it. In this case, the most affordable is the Zosi HD 800TVL. You can go for single cameras or a set of 2, 4, or more. They are waterproof with night vision and can be installed indoors or outdoors. They are cheap and come with a one-year warranty.

It is my hope that you have found what works best for your home without having to pay top dollar for it. It is understandable that a fake security camera is better than no security measures at all. However, installing a fake security camera alone to deal with your security concerns just because it is cheaper doesn’t mean that you have conquered the problem. Besides, it wouldn’t make you feel more protected than a real camera would.

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