The Ultimate Sous Vide Bags Buying Guide

Sous vide cooking bags are the second most important tool you will need for your immersion cooking recipe after the actual immersion cooker. Choosing the right immersion cooker paper bags might sound easy until you hear all the myths and usability issues revolving around the whole idea of cooking in plastic bags and how to choose the right bag for your recipe.

Choosing a sous vide cooking bag should be easy. First, you want something that is big enough to accommodate sizable chunks of the food you are making. You will then need to make the choice between buying reusable bags or one-use bags.

If you’re in a hurry, here is a list of the best sous vide bags you can buy

forsus immersion cooker bagsForsus Sous Vide Bags Kit

The Forsus sous vide bags kit consists of 20 BPA free vacuum sealed bags, 2 sealing clips, 4 sous vide clips and a hand pump. Though marketed for Anova cookers, it will work with just any other immersion cooker in town.


safe sous vide bagsSayf Sous Vide Bag Essentials

Sayf gives you the same sized bags with the 4 sous vide clips, two bag sealing clips and a vacuum pump. The pack, however, only consists of 10 reusable bags.


forreal sous vide bagsForReal DEsign Sous Vide Bags

ForReal gives you a solid looking pack with 20 bags and a solid hand pump that will hang around long after the bags are gone. A great asset that will cut down costs on subsequent purchases.

aidout immersion cooker bags vacuumAIDOUT Vacuum Sealer Bags

AIDOUT replaces the vacuum sealing clip with a valse that makes them easier to to use. They are a great solution for someone looking for simplicity and practicality.


If you are more interested in Ziploc bags, you will find a wide range of sizes and package configurations over at Amazon using this link. You can use them for cooking or as foodsaver bags after cooking.

Reusable bags tend to be more versatile and safer since the manufacturer can afford to use stronger and safer material when making the bags. The bags will also have a Ziploc hence you don’t have to worry about using a clip or tying up the bag to prevent your cooking tub’s water from directly interacting with the food you are cooking.

Look for BPA Free Bags

BPA (bisphenol A.) is an industrial grade chemical that plays a major role in the manufacture of different plastics. Research has shown that any container or polyethylene bag with traces of BPA will pass this to your food. According to FDA, low very low doses of BPA aren’t harmful while higher concentrations could lead to higher blood pressure and other adverse effects on growing children.

Since sous vide cooking must go through the plastic bag stage, your best shot is to invest in high quality bags that are BPA free. Alternatively, you can use silicone sous vide bags.

How to Create a Vacuum Without Vacuum Pump in the Kitchen

Since the ideal sous vide cooking environment requires that the bag is an almost vacuum, most refined cooks will invest in vacuum sealed bags with a hand pump. This is the right way to go. However, if you don’t want to invest in the pump, you can always apply the water displacement method on Ziploc bags.

  • Get a bowl of water that can accommodate your Ziploc bag
  • Fill the bag with your ingredients and leave at least an inch of space before the opening
  • Close the zipper halfway
  • Submerge the bag into the bowl of water leaving the open section exposed. The water pressure will force the air out
  • Zip up the bag before getting it out of the bowl

This will give you an almost perfect vacuum but it won’t be as good as what you will get when using a hand pump on vacuum sealed bags. These bags have a dedicated valve that lets you suck the air out with the pump once you have zipped them shut.

Reusability and Versatility

Reusable sous vide bags will save on costs since you can always clean them up, dry them and have them ready for the next recipe. Nowadays, the bags can also double up as storage bags as long as you place them on the right rack.

sous vide bags

The bag need be made of strong enough sheets of polyethylene to stand the test of time while the sealing clips have to be robust enough for repeated use. Go for something that gives you sous vide clips to make your cooking easier.

Buying in bulk always gives you a great deal. If you can find a package of high-quality BPA free immersion cooking bags, you will be better off as opposed to buying six or twelve bags at a go. You might have to go for a complete kit with the vacuum pump the first time you make your order before focusing on just the bags once you have the other essentials in place.

All bags will work on any circulator, be it the Anova Precision Cooker, Kalorik Sous Vide, Sous Vide Supreme of the Nomiku. Here are some great deals for a start.

What Happens if a Sous Vide Bag Leaked?

These are the kind of disasters you should be avoiding by purchasing the right sous vide bags. A leak means that the water will go into your food and spoil the delicate balance of spices and ingredients you had created when following the recipe.

Are There Any Sous Vide Bag Alternatives?

The best alternative would be a sous vide mason jar or canning jars. Glass jars are perfect especially when dealing with a recipe that needs very high cooking temperatures. They are versatile, always reusable and will not give you the many complications that come with power cooking on your sous vide bags.

sous vide jars

The sous vide method of cooking is slowly finding a top place in the modern day kitchen. Thanks to the Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags and Sous Vide Bag Sealing Clip, you get to lock in flavors thus cooking your food to perfection. The Sous Vide Essentials Kit comes in a complete package encompassing everything you need. Once you purchase this affordable and essential bag, you are good to begin your sous vide journey.


Plain Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags

With the Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags and Sous Vide Bag Sealing Clip, safety is key. This product is designed to ensure that you get nothing short of this. By purchasing this kit, you get yourself one hand pump, ten vacuum bags, four secure clips and one bag sealing clip.

Apart from the safety guarantee feature of this product, the other feature that will make you fall for this awesome kit is its size. The Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags is amazingly small. Compared to other bulky vacuum sealing systems you will be able to save a lot of your kitchen space.sous vide wrapping paper


  • Quick and easy to use. Setting up the Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags takes less than one minute and you are good to start your cooking.
  • Safe for cooking at high temperatures. The contents that come with the Sous Vide essential kit bag has been made from quality material that can withstand high temperatures. This will not only guarantee you great foods but also safety in the kitchen.
  • Most definitely, you are not going to get a great device that does the sealing job better than the Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags. This makes it a very valuable product in the market.


  • Not suitable when it comes to heavy-duty use.

Bottom Line

If you have been thinking about trying the sous vide cooking method then the amazing Sous Vide Essentials Kit Bags and Sous Vide Bag Sealing Clip should be top on your purchase list. This kit will provide you with excellent value and save you large kitchen space.


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