Sous Smart SSV2700 Precise Cooking Immersion Pod Review

Sous vide, or immersion cooking, is an increasingly favorite precision cooking approach that revolves around a circulator or immersion cooker. An immersion cooker like the Sous Smart SSV2700 or the Kalorik works by maintaining water in the tub it’s installed in at a specific and usually precise temperature range to guarantee the perfect cook for your food.

It is the controlled temperature water bath that slowly cooks the food, ensuring an even cook without denaturing or destroying the important nutritional content. The result is what experts believe to be a healthier meal that is cooked to safety but still as nutritious as it was when raw.

Design and Features

The Sous Smart SSV2700 is eerily similar to the Kalorik Sous Vide immersion cooker. Everything from the trigger mechanism, the clamp that holds the circulator to the tub and the control panel complete with the adjuster wheel to the side are all the same.

You will get a sizeable LCD display screen that shows the current temperature and set temperature sitting just below the bold Sous Smart label. To the very right is an adjuster wheel that you can use to set the desired temperature.


The Smart Sous immersion cooker is an impressive device that is sufficient for small to medium cooking projects thanks to its 850-watt heater that can handle tanks of up to 19 liters with ease. This increases the amount of food you can cook at a go while the decent power rating means that you won’t have to worry about insane power bills or have to connect the immersion cooker to a dedicated high current wall socket.

A 360-degree water circulator will keep the heated water moving to ensure that the food in the sous vide cooking bags get uniform heating at all times. This is an essential feature since immersion cooking pays attention to a homogenized cooking environment to ensure that all of the food in question cooks to the same finish.

Thanks to the complete cooking guide that comes with then Sous Smart SSV2700, you can cook any type of food you like. This guide gives you specific times to adhere to for cooking different types of foods as well as their temperatures meaning that you won’t need an additional thermometer to monitor your sous vide cooking.


  • Affordable in terms of its purchase price
  • Works with minimum noise being produced
  • Easy to use, once you set the time and temperatures, hit the start button and you’re good to go.


  • The illumination behind the function and start buttons is so faint it is almost impossible to see.

For a product of its kind, the Sous Smart SSV2700 Sous Vide Precise Cooking Immersion Pod with LED Display, Quiet & Powerful Operation, ETL Approved is a worthwhile investment in your kitchen. Purchase a unit today and get to enjoy nutritious and delicious foods always.

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