Smartomi Q5 True Wireless Ear Phones Review

Earphones have slowly evolved from being an additional phone accessory to being a key entertainment companion, especially while doing other activities. It’s the norm to see people working out, jogging or cycling while having their earphones. Wireless earbuds have particularly revolutionized and improved the listening experience.

It remains debatable in tech circles what qualifies as a wireless earbud. The general consensus is wireless earphones are those that each ear bud independently has its own battery, is Bluetooth powered and lacks a cord connecting to the sister earbuds. Smartomi Q5 qualifies as a true wireless earbud.


Smartomi Q5 wireless earphone is a solution to the stresses of the conventional earphones. The average consumer often wants a listening experience devoid of;

  • Hassles of an earbud falling over
  • weight on the ear
  • Cord breaking
  • Poor sound quality
  • Blue tooth earphones battery life

smartomi q5 design

True Wireless Earphone Design

As the name suggests, Smartomi Q5 True wireless earphone has no cord connecting the sister ear bud. The design takes into consideration the structure of the human ear and angle through which sound can travel into the ear canal.

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Smartomi q5 earphones come in a well-designed box reminiscent of its premium-priced counterparts like Beats by Dre and Skull Candy. The composite and hosts the earphones. Upon opening the box a tray that has the ear often covers the extra ear bud, and the dual charging USB cable. There are four sized ear tips ranging from small, medium, standard and large depending on what the customer deems comfortable.

smartomi q5 bluetooth sound quality


The weight of the earphone is in similar range of other wireless earphones in the same price range. Bluetooth technology comes with its own baggage. This is in part due to the necessity of having a battery. The battery also has to have an adequate size that can power the earphones for long. A technological dilemma often emerges; increasing the size may make the earphones heavy for the ear, bigger and uncomfortable. The designers behind Smartomi Q5 managed to strike an amazing balance between the size, battery life, and weight.T he earbuds weigh slightly less than 6 grams.


The biggest worry for any wireless earphone user is the how long can the earphone go before a recharge. Given the amount of energy Bluetooth technology often uses, wireless earphones have a relatively short duration before recharge. Marketers would say otherwise to push units but nothing could be further from the truth.

Smartomi q5 has a standby time of 2 hours non-stop before a recharge just like its other true wireless earphones. However, the batteries also charge upon being placed in the battery case. The ear buds are charged by a USB cable connector with two micro-USB ports for each of the ear buds. The other advantage is the ports can also be charged by the standard smartphone USB charge, albeit one earbud at a time.

how to pair smartomi q5 earbuds


Using these wireless earphones is very easy. Pressing the button on the back of the earbud activates blue tooth that is indicated by red and blue light. One can opt to activate both or one earbud. Upon activating only one the sound becomes mono allowing use of a singular earbud.

Sound quality

Sound quality can be linked to the price and technology employed in the gadget.SmartOmi q5 wireless Bluetooth earphones are relatively good better than the quality of most earphones at that price range. It, however, won’t rival the quality you get from even the best budget headphones.

Considering the price of the Smartomi q5 Bluetooth earphone, it is indeed value for money. This is considering its pricing sound quality, design, functionality and battery life. However, it still faces the problem of falling over when one engages in vigorous activity.


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