Self-Stirring Mug Review: How It Works

Automation is leaving nothing behind. Even the smallest of tasks, those that are necessary but tend to be inconveniencing. Like a stirring your cup of coffee or tea before you drink. First, you need a spoon with you, before indulging in the boring exercise of holding a spoon moving your hand round and round your cup of coffee. This is where the self-stirring mug comes in handy. You don’t have to carry a spoon around, especially when travelling or at your work desk, and you can also multi-task while stirring your tea or coffee.

Who Invented the Self Stirring Mug?

The self-stirring mug was invented by a seasoned designer, Anstasia Gavrilova, together with her husband, Rafael Gainullin, who is an IT expert. The first concept- Pegtop mug- was based on a spinning top pin with ribs lining the mug’s walls to act as a guide for the liquid’s swirl. Production did not start until June 2014 where the first 10,000 mugs were manufactured and made available in major online stores worldwide.

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How Does the Self-Stirring Mug Work?

This self-stirring mug is made up of a stainless steel interior which ensures durability and a snap-lock lid that helps keep your beverage hot at all times. The technology used to stir your coffee is not that complex. There is a rotary disc at the bottom of the mug that swirls up the contents to form a smooth blend. This rotating disc is usually powered by two AAA batteries that are loaded at the base. Other mugs have an incorporated rechargeable battery and they come with a USB charger to power the built-in power source. Once you pour your favorite ground coffee brand in the mug and add hot water in it, hit the button at the upper part of the handle to start the motor which will stir your drink into a beautiful mixture.

How Much Does the Self-Stirring Mug Cost?

The self-stirring mug goes for anything between $9 to $15 for a single piece. If you buy in bulk in some online shops, you will get a deal of between $6-$10. The mug comes in three sizes; 300ml/11oz, 400ml/12oz, and450ml/12oz. Each size comes with a different price tag.

Currently, the best self-stirring mug is the Leadnovo Stainless Steel Mug.

Advantages of The Self-Stirring Mug

  • No need to clean spoons
  • Saves time and hand-engagement
  • Keeps your beverage hot
  • Easily portable- between work and home etc.

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What to Do When Your Mug Stops Working

Here’s a personal experience. I am a very passive person when it comes to engaging modern-day gadgets. So when I bought the mug, I barely observed its stirring action, I simply hit stir and wait. However, this one day, I pour myself my favorite low acid coffee from Puroast and after a minute, I take a sip and – I almost spit it! The bugger didn’t stir my tea! If you have had an experience that’s close to this, then you know how annoying it is when the self stirring mug stops working and requires repair. These are the steps you should follow when diagnosing or repairing this coffee mug:

First, you should check whether the batteries are still working or have run out of power. You should try replacing them or in the instance or built-in batteries, you have to recharge them.

If the mug still doesn’t work, you might want to do a DIY if you are tech savvy. Its composition isn’t that complex. But if you aren’t an expert, simply consult any appliance repair specialist for help.

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A self-stirring mug is something to be genuinely enthusiastic about. No more worrying about spoons on your work desk, just one press of the button on the handle and your drink becomes a perfect blend. This mug is available on online stores, including Amazon where you will find more ratings and reviews.
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