Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Lounge Chair Review

Massage chairs are gaining popularity as therapeutic tools by the day. It is an undeniable fact that a good chair will play a major role in improving your overall health.

The FDA recognizes a good number of these chairs as medical devices. Doctors in some cases recommend zero gravity massage chairs to patients who have issues with body pain or circulation. If you are out to purchase such a chair, then the Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Lounge Chair would be worth the try.

The Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Lounge Chair might sound costly. However, at its under $4000 price tag, it is cheaper than the high-end Apex Ap-Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair. Nevertheless, the Schultz massage chair is worth every penny and would serve you well if its price is not a problem for you and you want a high-end chair of its kind.

Schultz Massage Chair Features

At such a high price point, it would only be fair for you to understand exactly what you are going to get from the Schultz Zycrapulse.

The chair comes with several features and benefits that would make you want to take a shot at it. For one, the chair features a total of five massage options targeting various parts of the body. These options include:

  • Full Body
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Gentle Muscle Loosening
  • Deep Tissue

Also, the Schultz massage chair promises services emulating those of a real-life massage therapist. The chair is able to achieve this by offering fifteen different preset massage programs.

schultz zycrapulse massage and launge chair

You can choose a given program based on personal preference for a specific massage technique and body area of focus. The massage chair also packs a heat therapy option that you can either turn on or off and a one-touch zero gravity positioning button. The latter feature targets the heart’s health and relieves spinal pressure.

For your feet, you get rollers – which employ acupressure and reflexology techniques to enhance your experience with the chair. The massage lounge chair has a user-friendly remote control feature that facilitates a seamless user experience.

You also get to control the speed and adjust it to your desired level of comfort. The chair has five massage techniques – knock, knead, flat, shiatsu, and the knead and lap combination. Furthermore, it allows you to elevate the leg rest and recline back.

Each leg rest can be adjusted independently for the most convenient lounging experience. To massage the back of your head, you can determine the precise fixed position that you want. Finally, you can adjust the shoulder width to fit your exact size


The Schultz Zycrapulse Massage Lounge Chair comes with many impressive features with a promise to deliver a great and thorough massage. It has all the necessary preset settings that you would need from any other product of its kind.

At its price point, the Schultz massage chair should be able to take and recall your custom massage

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sessions – and it fails to disappoint on that front. The remote control also makes the whole experience of using this chair easier and more interesting. Its ability to work the whole body from the legs to the head should also make you want to have this chair at your service at all times.


We would not want to take anything away from the impressiveness of the massage chair but it could do much better regarding its features. For instance, this chair is quite expensive yet it does not have some standard features that similar products come with, such as an MP3 Player or support for Bluetooth connectivity.

Most of the other cheaper options do come with these features. Who would not want to listen to relaxing music as the chair massages them away anyway?

schultz zycrapulse controller



Despite its rather negligible shortcomings, this massage chair from Schultz Innovations does live up to the company’s name in the market.

The Schultz massage chair is not only a beast regarding performance but also adds to the style of your premises given its elegant design. It features silver color accents that blend in well with a leather finish.

In truth, the chair is on the higher end in terms of pricing but it would be worth paying top dollar for the given the health benefits that it promises.



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