Rollibot Vs Roomba Vacuum Cleaner: Which is the Best?

Over the years, modern technology has been able to revolutionize many activities ranging from doing laundry, cooking, and much more. Robotic vacuums are part of this revolution and the Rollibot and Roomba vacuum cleaners are among the best at what these machines do. These vacuums have proven to be quite handy in cleaning out tight corners and premises in general.

For effectiveness, they come with intelligent programming that prevent them from banging into walls repeatedly. In the current market, the Rollibot (model BL618) and Roomba (model 650) vacuums are two of the best-known robotic vacuums you can check out if your are looking for one to buy. So, when it comes to Rollibot vs Roomba, which of these two robovacs would be the best option for you?

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Rollibot vs Roomba Comparison

Build and Design

Rollibot: The Rollibot robot vacuum cleaner comes in your typical pizza-shaped or puck-shaped design. This machine is quite light weighing in at around seven pounds. Powered by a high-suction engine, the Rollibot has double-sided brushes three sections for it to trap more debris. It also features an ultraviolet lamp meant to kill germs and bacteria and a double HEPA filter to prevent escape of allergens besides mopping capability.

Roomba: The Roomba robot vacuum cleaner features a beautiful design with its circular futuristic design. It is a bit heavier that the Rollibot vacuum since it weighs about 12 pounds. Furthermore, it has advanced sensors, which are able to pick out the dirtiest spots. You can program this device to perform up to seven scheduled cleanings. Like its Rollibot counterpart, the Roomba is rechargeable for a good amount of time. However, it lacks the UV lamp and mopping capabilities.

Winner: Roomba

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Rollibot: This appliance is rechargeable and can run for up to 100 minutes before needing a recharge. It operates in a zig-zag pattern supported by spot and edge modes besides its auto-clean feature. The vacuum is specifically tailored for laminated, tile and hardwood surfaces and does not perform as well as you would desire on carpets. If you have heavy carpeting, this device would not be the perfect choice for you since its design is that of a sweeper with vacuum capabilities.

Roomba: This futursitic vacuum cleaner is a dream for anybody who wants to keep his or her home clean without having to endure straining cleaning procedures. Using the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is a breeze. Simply set it up and it will carefully maneuver your home finding and removing specs of dirt from the floors, carpets, and corners. It is good at detecting furniture than the Rollibot hence you won’t be finding it stuck anytime soon. This cleaner ensures no dirt is left behind thanks to its three-stage cleaning system. If you are a pet owner, this is a good choice since it is able to pick up even the tiniest of hairs that animals leave behind.

Winner: Roomba

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Cost is definitely one of the most important aspect that any consumer looks at, aside from performance, before making a purchasing decision. You are most likely going to make a decision based on the price and performance of these two products. Regarding cost, the Rollibot happens to be cheaper than the Roomba vacuum cleaner by a somewhat wide margin. You can compare the Roomba price here and Rollibot’s price here.

Winner: Rollibot

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While the Rollibot vacuum cleaner may look good on paper, it is the Roomba that carries the day. Most buyers, when choosing between Roomba vs Rollibot, they tend to be carried away by the low price and features such as a UV lamp and the cleaning modes in the Rollibot.

However, the critical thing to look at is the performance and without doubt, Roomba is the best as it is also shown in these customer reviews. Although it may be quite expensive, it would be a terrible choice to buy a cheap product only for it to under perform or fail two months down the line. You can also check out how this comparison between iRobot Roomba and Neato Botvac.

Overall Winner: Roomba

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