RolliBot Genius BL800 Robot Vacuum Review

You’ll absolutely agree with me when I say:

Keeping your home clean shows that you care much about the health and well-being of your family.

However, cleaning isn’t easy.  You have to dedicate a considerable amount of time to push and drag your vacuum cleaner over the carpets and floors making sure not to miss a spot.

The bigger the house the more tiresome it is to clean, even worse when you have one of those pets that can’t stop shedding hair. And professional cleaners don’t come cheap either!

This is where the RolliBot Genius robotic vacuum cleaner comes in. It was built to clean your house for you when you can’t.

Unlike most robotic vacuum cleaners, the RolliBot BL800 can sweep, vacuum, mop, and UV sterilize your home! It also comes with many other powerful and interesting features that will appease every homeowner. However, at its price, the performance needs to be better than what it is currently offering.

We have covered all features of the Rollibot vacuum cleaner in this review to give you a comprehensive buying guide.

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Out of the box, you will get the RolliBot Genius BL800 unit with two pairs of brushes, a charging station, a remote, some batteries, power cable, HEPA filter, cleaning brush, and instruction manuals. Install the brushes carefully as indicated on the manual to avoid damaging your robotic cleaner. Once installed, charge it until full before you put it into use.

Sweep, Wet Mop, Vacuum

Unlike other robotic vacuum cleaners, the RolliBot Genius isn’t limited to just one floor type. A combination of brushes, a mop, and vacuum means that it can work well on carpets, hardwood, and tiles, among other floor types.

Its 3-sided brushes work exceptionally to reach hidden dirt even in corners of the house which is a weakness that many of the vacuum cleaners we have in our reviews have failed to handle. The positioning of these brushes makes it easier to collect dirt and push it directly to the vacuums path where it is sucked into the embedded dust bin.

rollibot-bl-800-brushesOn the underside of this unit, there is a suction area of the vacuum cleaner which is surrounded by polished rubber to enhance the flow of air. This ensures that all kinds of dirt and dust are easily sucked into the dust bin.

When it comes to mopping floors, simply attach the mop on the designated region which is next to the suction area of this vacuum cleaner.

The mop is made from a Velcro-attached micro-fiber cleaning cloth. This wet mop is used to mop the floors after the vacuum cleaner has removed dirt to make them clean and dust-free. This mop can be removed, washed, and reused.

RolliBot Genius UV Sterilize Feature

A UV sterilizer feature is one of the best features of the RolliBot Genius and one that distinguishes it from other vacuum cleaners.

This technology kills germs DNA making them unable to cause any harm. If you are questioning its effectiveness, it is worth noting that it is the same technology used to sterilize air purifiers, medical facilities, and drinking water. The BL800 can, therefore, be used in the kitchen for effective cleaning.

Four Cleaning Modes

When it comes to cleaning, the Genius BL800 makes use of 4 innovative and effective cleaning modes. These are; Auto, Spot, Edge, and Zig-Zag cleaning. Just as the name suggests, Auto cleaning mode is where the vacuum cleaner adjusts its cleaning mode based on the kind of surface it encounters.

Spot cleaning on the other hand allows the robotic vacuum to clean a dirty area intensively in spiral fashion. In a room where there are obstacles, corners, or steep stairs, there is the edge cleaning that enables this vacuum cleaner to remove hidden dirt.

Finally, the Zig-Zag mode is best for mopping open floors as the robot cleaner moves in randomly collecting dirt and debris. These modes of cleaning are complemented by 16 sensors that include sensors for obstacles and edges as well as return home for docking to the charging station when the vacuum cleaner is about to run of power.

Battery Life

The battery technology in vacuum cleaners keeps on improving as the RolliBot Genius can now last about 80-90 minutes on full charge. Charging from flat to 100 percent takes about 300 minutes.


rollibot bl800 cleaner topRolliBot has made this vacuum cleaner an absolute delight to use. In addition to the ability to program the cleaner, you can easily navigate different places with the aid of a remote controlled unit. It also comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity feature that makes it possible to connect to its smartphone app for remote control and usage statistics.

It is amazing how the intelligent dust/object recognition feature works. When it reaches within a short distance of an object, the vacuum pauses allowing the brush and vacuum to eliminate the dirt and dust before retreating and changing direction.

When it passes places with a lot of dirt, the robotic vacuum cleaner pauses and collects all the dirt before moving on. This is the opposite of clean areas where the vacuum speeds by collecting any dust that might be on the surface.

One thing, however, that drastically needs improvements on the BL800 is its stability. It keeps on tumbling on edges and you have to pick it up manually. The app too needs some improvements, especially when it comes to connecting and sending commands to this robot cleaner. When these features are improved, the Rollibot can easily be one of the best robotic cleaners in the market.

Other integral features worth mentioning in this review is the improved functionality of the 3-sided brush, LED touch screen display, the cleaning modes explained above, and a water tank that keeps the mop evenly wet throughout your mopping.

  • Comes with four cleaning modes to suit your respective cleanup requirements
  • Has 3-sided brushes, roller brushes, high suction power, and UV lights to clean and sanitize your home
  • Has a 2000mAh battery that can last up to 100 minutes
  • Comes with a remote control and a RolliBot smartphone app for remotely controlling the unit
  • Has bumpers and motion sensors to prevent hitting other objects when vacuuming
  • Comes with a removable dust bit as well as a micro-fiber mop which is essential in wet and dry cleaning
  • Gets stuck under furniture sometimes
  • It is a little pricey for its performance. While it is in the price range of most high-end robotic vacuum cleaners, it gets stuck too often which undervalues its function as a robotic vacuum cleaner and its name ‘Genius’.





Rollibot BL800 Installation Guide [Video]

Final Thoughts

The RolliBot Genius BL800 provides a simple and effective way to clean your home. Whether you switch it to automatic mode or give instructions using a remote or smartphone app, this robotic vacuum executes cleaning tasks exceptionally well. The design is sleek and the intelligent features and functionality are well incorporate. If the stability and app connectivity is boosted, this could be one of the best robot vacuums in the market.

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    Caryn December 19, 2017 at 3:23 pm

    I have had my Rolibot Genius for about a year. It is the most unreliable, frustrating gadget I have in my home. It is constantly stuck, cannot make the transition between my hardwood floors and my area rugs, scoots right over small particles that it should be able to pick up, never returns to its charging station and just generally drives me nuts! It’s nothing for me to drag out my vacuum cleaner right after it has run its circuit because it misses more than it picks up. All I ask for is a reliable gadget that will extend the interval between when I have to do a more thororugh vacuuming myself. Couple of days? Ugh!!

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