Raniaco Clip On Reading Lamp Review

Are you looking for a clip on reading lamp that’s bright enough to enable you read yet doesn’t interfere with those you share a room with? With the Raniaco clamp on reading lamp, you will never strain yourself with those barely luminous bedside lamps again. This LED clip on light is rechargeable and has a clamp large enough to clamp on to the bedside. It is adjustable to face almost anywhere and the lighting can be dimmed two levels.


The Raniaco Clip On reading light is beautifully designed to feature a clap that doubles up as the main control section of the lamp. The sensitive dimming switch and the charging port are beautifully integrated into the clamp giving this lamp an impressive look and feel. The LED lights on the upper side are beautifully done and the most amazing feature –the twisting arm – is so beautiful yet so functional.


A clip on reading lamp is nothing if it doesn’t function as you expect it to. If you have been a victim of the faulty products that seem to be everywhere on the internet, you are not alone. However, the Raniaco reading lamp is different from the cheap and faulty clamp-on lamps. This reading light is not only bright but the clamp is strong enough to be attached to almost any desk. It is only better if I break down some of these impressive features in this review.


A reading light isn’t effective unless it has a nice clip on feature. Raniaco seems to understand this well and that’s why this lamp comes with one of the best Clamps that you will ever find on a lamp. This clamp is so strong and durable, meaning that you can easily clip on the bed for a late night read without disturbing your partner.

Flexible arm

The flexible arm on this clip on light enables it to be rotated 360 degrees easily allowing you to direct light to any angle you need. The arm is made from tough material yet designed to be more flexible which is a feature that most bedside reading lamps don’t have.

Lamp Head

Clamp On reading lightThe lamp head features bright LED lights that work effectively to provide enough light for reading. You can never go wrong with this clip on reading light as the white light it produces is what is recommended by doctors for safe reading without harming your eyes. The design of the lamp enables light to be focused on a specific area to avoid distorting those around you. This much better unlike other bedside lamps that disperse light to all corners of the room.

Touch Sensitive Switch

Amazingly, the manufacturers behind this lamp developed an interesting touch mechanism that enables you to toggle between the available dimmable options just by tapping on it slightly. It is one of those features that make the Raniaco LED clamp reading light my favorite choice.

Safety Charging Indicator

Raniaco has also incorporated an effective lighting indicator that shows when this reading light is fully charged and when it is still charging. When it glows red, the lamp is still charging. A green glow indicates that your lamp is fully charged and ready for use. This rechargeable lamp is very easy to charge.

Long battery life

With a built-in 1000mAh lithium-ion battery, this reading light produces enough bright light for reading. When fully charged, the light can last for more than 8 hours. You can expect it to last even more when you keep it in any of the dim lighting modes.


  • Has a built-in eye protection brightness feature
  • Highly portable
  • Can be twisted 360 degrees meaning it can face any direction you want
  • Strong and durable clamp


  • A bit costly than other lamps. Although this can be translated into good value for money.


The Raniaco reading lamp is definitely the best clip on reading lamp that I have ever come across. It can be easily clamped on the bed or working desk, where it will remain stable during the entire period of use. The light is bright enough for reading but damaging to the eye and the twisting arm makes it possible to position this LED clip on reading lamp wherever you want. I hope this review has helped and you can check the price of this lamp using the button below.


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