PureClean PUCRCAM75 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Robotic vacuum cleaners are increasingly popular in modern households since they offer convenience and efficiency. They can clean your home repeatedly without supervision and in some cases, you can monitor their progress through a special camera. The latest models can easily clean any kind of floors and carpets or even mop. PureClean PUCRCAM75 is a smart robotic cleaner with many fancy features that we will look at in this review.


A rounded look with a sleek beautiful finish is what you meet when you first unbox the PureClean PUCRCAM75. It has three main buttons at the top for docking, speed controls, and switching to the auto mode. One of the most distinct features of this smart vacuum cleaner is the adjustable camera strategically positioned on the side to stream live pictures of the progress of a cleanup.


If you are new to robotic vacuums, this one will give you a headache to install as it doesn’t have a full installation manual. What you get is just a set of instructions to do some things while assuming that you know the rest. However, nothing should be too hard for you and if you find any difficulty, it is worth checking some review videos.

App Integration & Remote Control

You can control the PureClean smart vacuum cleaner through Wi-Fi and a phone application. If you have Wi-Fi in your house, connect the vacuum cleaner to your network and use the phone app to give instructions. With the wireless network connected, you will also be able to view what your vacuum cleaner sees via the included camera.


PureClean PUCRCAM75 smart robot cleanerThe camera in the PUCRCAM75 is meant to help you find see the progress of the cleanup as well as find the location of the robotic vacuum cleaner. Images are of good quality and the transmission is seamless if you have a good wireless internet connection. The camera works in tandem with the PureClean Apple and Android smartphone apps to showcase live feeds taken by the robotic vacuum.

Cleaning Experience

The PureClean PUCRCAM75 does a decent job cleaning the floors and carpets to get rid of light objects and dust. The brush technology isn’t the best you can get, but it removes as much dust as possible. Despite this, there are quite some things that the company behind this vacuum cleaner didn’t get right.

I was a bit disappointed with the overall functionality of this robotic vacuum cleaner. Despite boasting of modern features such as a camera and auto charging, this PureClean robotic vacuum failed to address its most important function –cleaning without being monitored- accurately.

While the 7-inch brushes work well on most instances, the robotic vacuum cleaner gets stuck almost anywhere. The slightest bump on carpets and underneath furniture to name a few are some of those places this cleaner has difficulty navigating.

It has a powerful 31-watt suction that sucks in dust and dirt to the 350ml dustbin, which is enough for vacuuming completely a medium-sized house.


smart robot cleaner purecleanIts scheduling feature lets you set a specific time that the cleaner will begin cleaning your home. This happens regardless of when you are at home or not and the camera will help you note the progress.


  • Decent suction power
  • Easy scheduling
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Cleans all kinds of floors
  • Has an adjustable camera and remote control that makes it convenient to use
  • Comes with 2 replaceable HEPA filters


  • Gets stuck most of the times even on the slightest bumps. PureClean describes this problem on the PUCRCAM75 as an inferior hardware issue that has rendered most of the vacuum cleaners unable to navigate properly. However, despite the acknowledgment, no fixes have been done.


While the PUCRCAM75 smart vacuum cleaner from PureClean does a decent job, it is not worth spending your money on due to the impending problem that causes it to get stuck every now and then. If you look past the smart features and focus on functionality, then you are better off getting an iLife V3s (which is efficient and lower priced) or a Roomba 650 robot vacuum cleaner (powerful, durable, and functional). On the other hand, I hope this review has been helpful and if you need this product, use the button below to check the price.

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