Prinker Lets You Print Temporary Tattoos Directly On Your Skin

Are you into tattoos but not prepared yet to have permanent ink on your body? Do you want a temporary tattoo on your arm or your kids arms? Well, the Prinker has been designed to this exactly. If you are wondering what a prinker is, we’ll start off by informing you that it is one of the most interesting and brilliant concepts that came out of the 2017 CES event in Las Vegas.

This device is a creation of SketchOn, a South Korean startup and offers some interesting functionality. It allows you to get that temporary tattoo that is waterproof yet can be removed whenever you want. No more getting a permanent tattoo only to regret a few months down the line.

With the Prinker tattoo printer you can always have a different temporary tattoo, or tattoos depending on occasion or mood. No matter what you draw on your arm, this fake tattoo solution assures you that you won’t have to undergo costly and risky laser removal therapy to erase the conventional tattoos.


How it Works

The Prinker skin printer is essentially a more advanced version of a gum-tattoo or a stamp. It allows you to design or apply a tattoo on your skin in a matter of seconds. What sets the Prinker tattoo machine apart is the fact that you can pair the printing device with your smartphone through an application. This feature allows you allows you to access many different design options. You can also come up with new patterns in an instant.

Using your iPhone, you can choose your preferred pattern from a range of abstract drawings, team logos, fancy texts, among many others. Alternatively, you may draw, write or doodle anything you want on the screen before applying it on your skin. The Prinker skin printer will take a few seconds after setting up the desired design to give you visually appealing results.

This is very much unlike using these thermoprinters and tattoo transfer machines for temporary tattoos that won’t last long.

fake tattoo device Prinker

Safe on All Skin Types

Another good thing about a Prinker tattoo is that the ink is safe on all types of skins, including in children. This is because the ink utilizes similar ingredients that you will find in normal makeup. Furthermore, the it is quite small; approximately twice the size of PC mouse meaning that portability would not be a problem.

Areas Where Prinker Comes in Handy

  • For your whole group of sports fans: imagine having matching tattoos as you go out to support your favorite team. Furthermore, you can change the colors for different games.
  • A cool device for your art booth at school.
  • Wholesome fun for your entire family since it is also child friendly.
  • Events such as weddings and birthdays.
  • Making you look good on a regular basis.

Tattoo Drawn by prinker


Unlike with permanent tattoos, risks such as scarring, dermatitis, bacterial skin infections, allergic reactions to ink, granuloma, and serious infections, such as HIV and hepatitis are avoided if you opt for a Prinker printed tattoo. With the temporary tattoos, you also would not need to worry about the complications associated with MRI scans and permanent tattoos.

Moreover, you have the luxury of changing your mind about designs regularly since it is only a fake tattoo that can be removed easily. You can easily apply the tattoo on your skin, meaning that you don’t need to pay a tattoo artist extra to have it done.You will also avoid the expensive not quite efficient tattoo removal process that comes with permanent tattoos.


The temporary tattoos can only stay for a maximum of 3 days. However, this isn’t much of an issue since reapplying the tattoo will only take a minute.

Prinker expo

Prices & Availablity

According to the manufacturer, the product isn’t available on online shops like Amazon, Alibaba, Taobao, Ebay, or so. This seems to indicate that you can only get it through their website, although there is no way you can order them from there. Prices haven’t been updated too, despite the estimates being around $200, but we will update the links and prices on this post once they are added on the website.


From the Prinker tattoo machine review, it is evident how handy this tool can be. It is a savior for all those men and women out there who love tattoos, but are not willing to get a permanent one. The temporary tattoos may cost you about 200 dollars, although it is not available for the retail market yet. We will update you once it is available.

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