The PRIMST Multifunction Coffee Table Will Play You Music, Charge Your Phone and Cool Your Beer

PRIMST Multifunction Coffee Table

PRIMST Multifunction Coffee Table

Energy Efficiency

8.0 /10

Ease of Set Up & Use

8.0 /10

Versatility & Reliability

7.5 /10

Value for Money

8.3 /10

Amazon Customer Rating

9.1 /10


  • A great all three in one unit that puts you the basics, music, a working surface, charging ports and refreshments close at hand
  • An intuitive design and neutral colors that make it easy to slot into any room regardless of your decor or color schemes
  • A firm built that will feel solid even when you place your feet or moderately heavy items on┬áthis refrigerator side table


  • You will have to snake a power cable up to the table. This might be a problem if you don't have a cool way to keep the cable out of sight
  • The speaker sound quality isn't the best
  • It still doesn't feel solid enough for abuse or irresponsible use. It won't survive if you sit on it or step on it to change the light bulb

The PRISMT multifunctional refrigerator coffee table isn’t your everyday coffee table. Yes, you can place your coffee mug on it. Yes, you can rest your feet on it after a long tiring day. But there is more to it than meets the eye. This sleek black and white multifunction coffee table bundles up the other two most important things anyone would ever want to relax: some music and a fridge.

The HiFi 4.0 Bluetooth speakers will blast your favorite tunes straight from pretty much anything that can stream audio via Bluetooth. The two USB ports will keep your phone, iPad or tab close to you as you relax meaning that you can still stay connected with friends on social media or catch up with news without having to sit close to a wall socket.

While the refrigerator side table compartment might not really be the best for food, it will keep your cold snacks like ice creams and milkshakes or your wine and beer cool enough for your liking. This is decent enough since this cool multi-functional table is all about relaxing and convenience and not a replacement of what you have in the kitchen.

An independent zone management lets you control the left and right fridge compartments independently meaning that you can easily achieve different temperatures for different beverages or snacks without worrying about overcooling another batch. When there is nothing to fill both compartments, you can save on power by moving everything to one compartment and shutting down the other.

Its smooth finish will easily fit into any decor while the rounded edges not only make it safer for kids and pets who bump into it but also make it more versatile and resistant to damage. You won’t notice any veneer chipping and peeling off this multi-functional coffee table after a couple of months as it would be the case with straight edge furniture.

Bottom Line

If all you want is get home, flop on the couch and grab a cold beer or leftover ice coffee from your paperless pour over coffee brewer without walking to the kitchen, then this refrigerator side table is the right thing to buy for your living room. The Bluetooth speakers make it ideal for those gentle playlists when the TV or home theater would be too loud and rowdy for your otherwise tired head.

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