Ivation Precision 9 Quart Temperature Control Cooker and Oven

Precision 9 Quart Temperature Control Cooker is a special cooker that allows precise cooking using temperature controls and regulators.

It works by putting food ingredients in a vacuum food safe bag and placing it in the cooker’s water bath oven.

After that, you set the right cooking temperatures.

Its timer and alert systems that notify the user when the food is ready are also helpful additions.


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Precision 9 Quart Temperature Control Cooker Features

A variety of features makes this cooker an incredible asset to possess and utilize at home.

Digital timer and controls

I liked this feature a lot because I am able to run other house chores while cooking. This cooker eliminates the need to keep a close watch on your food as it cooks. Instead, I used the cooker’s timer to be notified when the food was ready. Therefore, I din’t need to worry about any overcooking that could mess up my delicacy.

Audible doneness alert

This feature notifies the user when the food being prepared is ready as timed. When the required time for cooking food is about to elapse, the cooker has an audio system that alerts the user. Therefore, whenever the user is within the premises, he/she is able to hear the alert and take out the food from the cooker.

Wide temperature range

It has high temperature range of about 100̊F to 205̊F. These temperature ranges can cook various foods ranging from soft, that require low temperatures, to tough foods that require high temperatures with a lot of ease.

Cooking capacity

Precision 9 Quart Temperature Control Cooker is big enough to hold a meal that can serve several people. It has a capacity of 6.1litres which can comfortably accommodate food that can be used a family of approximately 5 people.


9 Quart temperature control cooker regulates cooking temperature thus it prevents overcooking or overheating. Cooking at controlled temperatures helps to preserve the essential nutrients in foods thus the user is able to eat healthy foods that are full of nutrients.

Temperature controls also make the food to be heated evenly because heat is distributed evenly. Additionally, foods are prepared in a favorable environment that enhances the flavors and tastes of the delicacies.


Being electricity-powered it can’t work where there is no electricity connection or during a power blackout.


Precision 9 quart temperature control cooker is an ideal appliance in a household because it saves on cooking time and the user is able to perform other duties while cooking. It also has a peculiar way of preserving food nutrients and bringing out the delicious tastes in foods.

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