The Elan Collective Paperless Coffee Brewer Brews Straight Into Your Flask, Carafe or Cup

What comes to mind when you hear the word coffee brewer? A might coffee maker that sits on the table and plugs into your wall outlet to make those aromatic cappuccinos? Well, this might be the traditional coffee maker for you, but the guys over at Elan Collective doesn’t think it should be your favorite.

This paperless pour over coffee brewer takes away all the bulky equipment and accessories leaving you with a neat reusable strainer that will keep making coffee as long as you have your hot water and a bottomless supply of high-quality coffee.

The Guys at the Elan Collective pride ourselves on our standards. We performed extensive testing of our competitors’ products and worked closely with engineering to fix flaws and add innovative features.

Our new brewer design provides greater strength, stability, and flow. The unique silicone base ring ensures fit with carafes, thermoses, and mugs in a sleek once piece design, easier to use than 2 pieces stand brewers.

Like coffee shop baristas, now you too can transform your coffee experience and enjoy riding coffee’s third wave.

Get involved in the latest trend in coffee and save money while enjoying the brewing process.  Coffee machines are bulky and quite expensive. Coffee pods and paper filters are costly and bad for the environment. Our brewer takes up little space on your counter and can be reused over and over. Our beautifully designed box is 100% recyclable.

This brewer looks stunning on your counter. Its sleek design will draw the attention of your guests and establishes you as a coffee and design enthusiast.

Unleash Your Coffee’s Potential

What’s better than starting your day with a steaming cup of coffee?  Maybe starting your day with a fresh ice coffee. We like to pre-make coffee ice cubes or add 1/2 tablespoon of coffee per cup and brew it strong over ice.

This is the professional grade stainless steel brewer that you will find used in high-end restaurants and homes of coffee connoisseurs. Now the best in coffee preparation technology is available to everyone at an affordable price.

A cone shape gives it the traditional strainer look while an innovative silicon base ring fits snugly onto your thermos, mug or cup giving you one compact and firm assembly that is easier to use that any two piece stand brewer out there.

paperless pour over coffee maker

Since it uses a food grade 18/8 double stainless steel laser cut filter, you can always clean it up and use it over and over again as opposed to filtering papers and coffee pods. The compact design not only makes it perfect for the kitchen but also makes it the ideal pour over coffee brewer to buy for your office, camper, caravan or for your hiking adventures. The characteristic steel strainer allows more oils and aroma into your cup without making your coffee chunky.

The freedom to make ice coffee cuts you some slack on those hot summer days. You will need an ice cube maker to first create your ice before putting it into your brew and adding your coffee to taste.

The Pros

  • A versatile stainless steel construction gives it the strength to stay rigid as you pour over your coffee
  • Fine mesh grids on the cup filter off all the solid chunks while letting the flavor go straight into your cup giving you clean and strong coffee on the go
  • Easy to clean and prepare for the next brewing cycle

The Cons

  • You have to pour over the coffee slowly and steadily to avoid spillage and give the water time to soak the flavors. There’s nothing to control your speed hence you have to build a skill and find the ideal speed

All in all, the Elan Collective paperless pour over coffee brewer is a neat companion for anyone who loves their coffee, be it steaming hot or ice cold. The gift-worthy package it ships in makes it an ideal gift to anyone, be it your parent, friend, family or colleague over at work.

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