Polaroid PDC002 Weather Station Review

Knowing the impending weather conditions and patterns is crucial in order for you to prepare for your daily activities properly. There are many devices, including your phone, that will show you the weather. However, phones don’t show localized weather accurately and that’s why you need a weather station. The Polaroid PDC002 is a wireless weather station with the ability to display weather alongside time. If you are looking for a beautiful home weather station that can also function as a clock, then this is your ideal choice.


The appearance of this weather station is one of its strengths. The device has an attractive design smooth round edges that beautifully complement the bright rectangular screen with rounded edges. The user interface is beautifully set to display the weather conditions, time, and even a calendar.


Like any other modern smart home equipment, this Polaroid weather station needs wireless connectivity to function accurately. It comes with a wireless transmitter that can be used to connect the device and for data collection purposes. The clock and weather station is portable and can be placed anywhere within the house as long as it is within range of its wireless transmitter.

Weather station

Being the main part of this device, the weather station has been tuned to forecast with four different displays. The device has up to 3 comfort levels that you can switch between. Its home weather station is more accurate and reliable than most applications you will find in smartphones.


The highlight of this weather station by Polaroid is that it combines a weather display with a clock display in one. Both features seem to work quite well and are an improvement to those on its predecessor. The clock comes with a calendar, alarm, and a snooze function. This makes the device one of the best you can get at its price given that it serves two functions exceptionally well.


  • Has a weather forecast with four different displays
  • Comes with a wireless transmitter
  • Indicates 3 different comfort levels
  • Has an alarm and snooze function


  • It is made of plastic that isn’t too strong


Your mornings will never be the same when you own the Polaroid PDC002. This wireless weather station and the clock will not only ring an alarm to wake you up in the morning but will also show you the weather to expect. No more dressing wrongly or forgetting your umbrella just because you couldn’t predict the weather.


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