Nine Stars Touchless Trash Can Review

There are a couple of reasons one would need a touchless trash can at home. The most important ones being that it is best for the disabled or those with a back problem and the other being that it is hygienic since you wouldn’t need to touch it.

Despite your reason for getting a touchless trash can, it is mandatory that you get the best. If you are looking for an automatic touchless 13-gallon trash can for your home or business premises, then the Nine Stars touchless trash can may be all you need.

Nine Stars touchless trash can: Main features

The Nine Stars Touchless trash can is an ideal choice for both home and office. It features infrared powered motion sensor technology that is complimented by a sleek and stylish form factor composed of quality commercial grade stainless steel.

This model, DZT-50-13, promises convenience as you will no longer have to open and close trash can lid regularly each time you need to dump something. This feature makes it perfect for your office or home where you constantly need to throw something away every now and then.

The lid of the Nine Stars bin will stay open as long as it detects your hands, reducing chances of spilling trash outside.


This trash bin comes with a one-year limited liability warranty. The warranty covers defects in the bin’s material and workmanship. Any other failure caused by shipment, accidents, modification, misuse, or not following instructions of use voids the warranty.

Troubleshooting guide

Like any electronic device, the Nine Stars trash can may fail in some cases. If the lid fails to open – confirm whether batteries are in the correct position and that the power switch in the ‘I’ position.

If this does not work, reset the sensor by removing the batteries for 24 hours and then wipe the sensor using a dry cloth. If the lid does not close and the indicator light remains green, check for any objects that may be preventing the lid from closing.

Finally, if the lid opens slowly and the indicator turns or flashes yellow – then the battery power is low and you need to replace the batteries.


  • The Nine Stars Trash can has many benefits over the traditional bins. Most importantly, the lack of contact with hands prevents contamination to reduce incidences of disease. Furthermore, the bin seals any odor from the trash for fresh air in your premises.
  • The sleek design of the trash can does much in enhancing the beauty of your home or office.
  • It’s oval shape means it can fit into virtually any area within your home or office. It also conceals the bag to maintain a great look.
  • With normal daily usage, power can last for as much as six months before needing replacement batteries.


  • The lid it too thin making it susceptible to bending.
  • Its price is a bit on the higher end

The Nine Stars Touchless trash can is a convenient product to have around your premises. With this product, you do not have to worry about germs or an odor originating from substance that you dispose. To top it all, it also does well regarding the aesthetics of your home or office. You can purchase this bin on various platforms including Amazon at a somewhat reasonable price.


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