Neato Vs Roomba Vacuum Cleaner: Which is the Best?

If you’re tired of pushing and pulling your vacuum cleaner around the house, then its time you left this time-consuming task to a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Initial models of robot vacuum cleaners weren’t that effective but modern ones have been fitted with advanced technology which makes them efficient, easy to use, effective, and time-saving. When looking for a vacuum cleaner, you may have found yourself in a dilemma when it comes to selecting between the Neato and the Roomba vacuum cleaner, which are some of the best in the market.

It is not easy to select the best between iRobot Roomba and Neato. So, which of this two should you go for? Both are definitely great products but we’ve put them to the test to determine the best. We have tried and tested several models from the two companies and have had good times as well as a few struggles with both to be honest.

In this article, we are going to put Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac into a head-to-head comparison to help you with your purchasing decision at the end of the day. One thing we noted is that they tend to perform better on brighter carpets than darker ones.

Neato Botvac Connected Vs Roomba 980 – Top of the range

Roomba 980 vs Neato

Build and Design: The Neato Botvac is D-shaped which helps in reaching the tightest of corners. It has a wide cleaning path and dual cleaning mode for more floor coverage. It has a WI-FI connection and a companion app that connects with Alexa and Google Assistant allowing you to control it using your voice. The Roomba 980 also has this feature but is circular in shape giving it a slight disadvantage when cleaning corners.

Winner: Neato Botvac Connected

Performance: Both vacuum cleaners do a good job when it comes to cleaning since they have the ability to repeat the cleaning process and move on only after the given surface is clean. Both return to the docking station to recharge before they run out of power and get on with the job as soon as the battery is full. The iRobot Roomba 980 has an edge over Neato Botvac with its AeroForce cleaning system that boost cleaning power by up to 10 times. It collected more dirt and dust than the Neato, especially when cleaning carpets.

Winner: Roomba 980

Cost: Price is one of the most important things during the decision-making process. In terms of cost, the Roomba 980 costs slightly more that the Neato Botvac by a significant figure.

Winner: Neato Botvac Connected


If you are looking for the best performance without compromising on price, go for the Roomba 980. However, if you want a decent vacuum cleaner without spending much, go for the Neato Botvac Connected.

Overall Winner: Neato Botvac Connected

Neato D80 Vs Roomba 880 – Midrange

iRobot 880 vs Neato D80

Build and Design: With the D-shaped design, the Neato D80 works well around tight corners and along wall. Ideally built for picking up pet hair you can trust this device for maximum hair pickup setting apart from most of the other vacuum robots in the industry. The Roomba 880 is circular in shape and has tangle free extractors to prevent debris and hair clogging making it also ideal if you have pets in your household. Neato gets a slight design advantage due to its D-shape.

Winner: Neato D80

Performance: Both vacuum cleaners have an impressive mapping and navigation system to aid in their movement around your home and clean out the necessary areas. Regarding effectiveness, the Roomba 880 does better with its AeroForce technology, which uses extra force in cleaning in three stages. Neato D80 only beats it in cleaning out tight corners.

Winner: Roomba 880

Cost: The Roomba 880 is more expensive than the Neato D80 though this is justifiable. The former has a higher performance and is able to cover larger areas. Neato D80 only works best in cleaning pet hairs and other light debris.

Winner: Roomba 880


The Roomba 880 is a solid performer that does a more efficient job than the Neato D80. Although the former comes in at a slightly higher price, it delivers a superb performance and is built to last.

Overall Winner: Roomba 880

Roomba 960 Vs Neato Botvac D5 – Midrange

Neato D5 vs Roomba 960

Build and Design: Roomba 960 comes in the standard circular iRobot Roomba shape whereas the Neato D5 comes in the D-shape common to most Neato models. As seen in the other models above, the D-shape does give the Neato vacuum cleaners an advantage of the Roomba when cleaning tight spaces. Both have side brushes with the Neato D5 adding a combo brush and the Roomba 960 having tangle free extractors.

Winner: Neato D5

Performance: Both appliances have a companion app that aid in controlling them. The Neato D5 has a battery capacity that allows it to run continuously for up to 120 minutes while the Roomba 960 lasts a little less at around 75 minutes. These devices are impressive in terms of performance. Roomba utilizes AeroForce technology for thorough cleaning. Neato on the other hand tops Roomba by having an efficient filter making ideal for homes with pets and allergy sufferers.

Winner: Tie

Cost: As always, the Roomba device is costlier than the Neato probably owing to its high performance capabilities. Nevertheless, they are both great products and each will serve you well.

Winner: Neato D5


While both devices in this category do an incredible job especially on heavy carpets, the Neato D5 edges out the Roomba 960 marginally.

Overall Winner: Neato D5

Roomba 650 Vs Neato D3 – Entry Level

Neato D3 vs Roomba 650

Build and Design: In this comparison, the Roomba and the Neato vacuum cleaners are almost the same size though the earlier is D-shaped and the latter is round. Despite the fact that they are similar in size, the Neato vacuum has a larger 0.7L dirt bin compared to Roomba’s 0.4L bin. The latter has side brushes while the Neato utilizes a combo brush. Neato recharges automatically and has auto-resume capability. Roomba on the other hand, can recharge automatically but it lacks the resume option.

Winner: Neato D3

Performance: Both the Neato and the Roomba clean well though the earlier has a slight edge on this aspect considering its more efficient cleaning pattern. They are both good on hard floors and carpets. Neato also features Extra Care, which prevents it from bumping into stuff. Roomba, on the other hand has perfected in motion and picks up more dirt on the first pass than the Neato D3.

Winner: Roomba 650

Cost: For the first time in our iRobot Roomba vs Neato comparison – Neato is costlier than its counterpart. The additional features justify the extra bucks but if price your main factor of consideration, you can go with the Roomba, which also works quite well.

Winner: Roomba 650


While the Neato comes in at a lower price, the Roomba 650 provides great value for money. For a few extra bucks, you get a robotic vacuum cleaner than can actually remove all dirt and dust and save you lots of time you could’ve spent cleaning.

Overall Winner: Roomba 650

Overall Verdict

Generally, in the models that we have compared – iRobot Roomba comes out on top regarding performance, whereas Neato’s products stand out in build quality and affordability. Nevertheless, both companies do make great robot vacuum cleaners. If you are all about saving money – Neato is the way to go and if you put performance first the Roomba vacuum cleaners should go well with you.

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