Choosing a Microwave Replacement Bulb – What to Consider

A blown microwave bulb might not sound like something you’d be worried about in the near future. Top brands like Samsung and Whirlpool take care of this by outfitting their microwave ovens with the best bulbs possible. But what if the impossible happens? What if your microwave bulb actually blows and you need a replacement?

The best way out is going for the model specific bulb. This will fit perfectly into the bulb slot and will be of the right power rating. You won’t have to worry about any incompatibilities or have to do any hacks to get the microwave bulb in place.

A good example of an exact replacement from the manufacturer is the Whirlpool 8206232A light bulb. This is an exact OEM authorized part with a part number and accepted compatibility with a huge range of Whirlpool microwave ovens.

This is an O.E.M. authorized part. Fits with various WHIRLPOOL Brand models. OEM Part # 8206232A. The product is manufactured in Mexico.Manufacturer model # 8206232A

But what if you cannot find the exact part from your manufacturer. Is your microwave doomed? No. Not at all. You can still get a generic or all purpose microwave bulb to replace what you already have. You, however, have to be careful and ensure that you purchase the right bulb to avoid frustrations.

The things to consider when buying a microwave replacement bulb include:

Voltage and power rating

Even though chances are that your microwave bulb works on your wall unit power voltage, there are times when the microwave designer steps up or down the power to a different voltage. Buying a higher voltage bulb will lead to no light or dim lights while a low voltage bulb will burn out faster. The bulb wattage might not be much of a worry but it will determine the power consumption and light brightness also.

If you are lucky, you might find the power rating inscribed on the bulb or near the bulb holder.

Contact type

The bulb holder contact type could be the base terminal and a side plate terminal or a double terminal on the bottom approach. Matching your bulb replacement to this size will prevent frustration since the two types aren’t exchangeable.

How the bulb attaches to the holder

The common types are the screw on contact, slide in and the snap in contact. If the bulb has threads, your replacement bulb must have threads for it to fit into your microwave oven.

microwave replacement bulb

Bulb dimensions

Finally, consider the bulb dimensions since you wouldn’t want something that is too big. A big bulb might not be the perfect fit for your microwave oven bulb slot and will be exposed to damage or will force you to seek another replacement.

Always read your product manual before disposing of it as this will give you a hint on what alternative replacement to get for your microwave oven bulb. The manual will also come in handy when you want to buy any other replacement. Alternatively, you could call your vendor and have them recommend a replacement for your damaged part.


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