Best Low Acid Instant Coffee Brands 2018 – Review & Buying Guide

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. And for a good reason.

It is a drink that most people wake up to every single morning. What most people who consume coffee don’t know is that there are more distinguishing factors other than flavors.

One crucial factor is the acidity level in your coffee. And since you are here, I assume you would like to more about low acid coffee.

The effects of acidic coffee may vary from one person to the next. However, in many occasions coffee enthusiasts describe acidic coffee as one that causes pain and discomfort in the tummy. It prevents them from enjoying their favorite brews.

What is Low Acid Coffee?

It is important to know that acidity in the coffee world doesn’t always refer to its rank on the PH scale. Coffee generally has a PH 5, which is lower than most beverages. Instead, acidity here refers to the dry, bright, and sparkling sensation that differentiates high quality coffee from low quality beans.

The difference in acidity between varying coffee brands comes about during the roasting stage. In its green state, coffee has a lot of different acids. There are those that go away when the beans are roasted.

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Others stick around and are broken down to different levels depending on how long the roasting lasts. The darker the roast, the lower the levels of acid. To strike the right balance, coffee processing companies have to execute their roasting processes perfectly.

Since majority of the population are consumers who know very little to nothing about coffee roasting, it becomes hard to choose low acid coffee. To make the process easier, here is a breakdown of the best low acid coffee available in the market. Pick your favourite.

Best Low Acid Coffee Brands in 2018

1. Mommee Coffee

Mommee low-acid CoffeeJust like its name suggests, Mommee coffee is designed with moms in mind. Mommee makes it possible for moms at all stages of pregnancy and beyond to consume coffee without worrying about their health or that or their unborn.

How does it do this? Well, Mommee coffee contains caffeine from a quarter caf, which is a small amount of caffeine that will get you going. Needless to say that this coffee doesn’t sacrifice on taste!

It is organic and water-processed without incorporating any harmful chemicals. You can rest assured that mom and her children are safe when using this product. While shopping for Mommee coffee, you have a choice between different caffeine levels of this low acid coffee brand.

These are the ¼ caf, ½ caf, and full caf.  As a mom, you can use this coffee during conception, pregnancy, and while breastfeeding too. However, that does not mean Mommee coffee isn’t any suitable for the rest of us.

True, the initial target was women at different stages of motherhood. However, anybody looking for a low acid coffee brand with a solid caffeine punch will surely Mommee coffee. Its delicious taste is likely to get you hooked from the moment you take the first sip. In addition, its low acidity means you won’t have to put up with heart burns or acidic reflux. Your sensitive stomach will be grateful you made the switch to Mommee coffee.

To avoid any reactions during storage, keep this coffee in a dark, room temperature to cool, dry place. Its medium grind would be brewed perfectly using a standard drip coffee maker.

2. Puroast Coffee

Puroast Coffee low-acid coffeeAny health-conscious individual with a sensitive stomach will be more than happy to have Puroast coffee.

Puroast is made up of 100% coffee beans with no additives. It is also gluten and calorie free. In addition, you are getting quality coffee and 3x less the price of other low acid coffees.

Puroast has made different varieties of this brand of coffee to suite various consumer preferences. There are whole bean packs, ground and 2.0-compatible K-cups, and decaf. The coffee boasts of having 70% less acidity than other leading coffees, seven times more antioxidants than green tea, and 5 times more antioxidants than other coffee brands.

This is all credited to the unique roasting process where beans are roasted slowly in wood fire. This process enables each bean to roast on its own wholly thus reducing the acidic content.

The approach Puroast takes preserves the smooth, rich, and authentic flavour of the coffee. It is the type of coffee you will be served on a coffee farm. Now, imagine waking up to this delicious beverage, that not only keeps you alert, but also has antioxidants which are beneficial to your health? This is getting value for your money by providing your body with the finest low acid coffee. The only drawback is that its taste is not as great as other leading brands.

3. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee low-acid coffeeTieman’s fusion coffee is a combination of 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, Matcha green tea, Rooibos red tea, and Goji Berry. The resultant product is a low acid, ultra-smooth beverage with lots of antioxidants that tastes very good especially if you throw in some creamy milk froth to crown it all.

Each of the ingredients used to make this beverage come with beneficial nutrients that are guaranteed to revitalize your body.

Matcha will give you a 5-7-hour non-jitter energy and burn stored fat, Goji provides anti-inflammatory gains, while Rooibos is good for stomach settling and preventing coffee breath.

These ingredients are fused naturally during roasting to ensure that you get a rich full-bodied flavour that is synonymous with Tieman’s fusion coffee.

If you want to enjoy your tea and coffee all in one sitting, this is your go-to drink. With 5 times the daily requirement of antioxidants in a single cup, you can bet on a significant improvement in your immune system every time you consume this low acid organic coffee.

4. HealthWise – Colombian Gourmet Coffee

HealthWise Coffee low-acid coffeeHealthWise is made from 100% Colombian Supremo coffee, which are some of the best coffee beans on the planet. It is decaffeinated through a chemical-free process known as Swiss Water Process to ensure that no additional chemicals are created in the process.

For HealthWise, your wellbeing comes first –just like their brand name suggests. From the start to finish, health is given priority. To start with, the coffee beans being used are one of the highest grades available in the world – the Colombian arabica supremo beans.

Second, modern technology is used to reduce acidity and retain important minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. This method of processing is commonly referred to as TechnoRoasting. It involves roasting of beans in small batches for better quality and consistency.

The taste of the coffee is far much better than many other low acid coffee brands since TechnoRoasting ensures the level of bitterness and harshness are reduced significantly.

One of the best take-away with the Healthwise coffee is the fact that you can refrigerate it for up to one week, reheat to below boiling point, and the rich mellow taste would remain unchanged. This same cannot be said of the other coffee brands.

Additionally, a 12-ounce can yield an excess of 110 cups of tantalizing coffee. That is more than enough to last you close to two months if you are the only one using the coffee. If you don’t fancy full caffeine, decaf is also available.

5. Java Planet

Java Planet low-acid coffeeJava Planet is another tasty low acid organic coffee processed from the finest arabica coffee beans in the world.

It is roasted in small batches to retain its rich, authentic flavours, and healthy nutrients. This balance between taste and nutrients is what makes Java planet to rank among the best low acid coffees.

You will never experience any adverse reactions like acid influx, bitterness, or burnt taste which are common with non-organic, overly-roasted coffee.

It doesn’t matter what type of brewing method you use, Java planet is guaranteed to deliver a much-needed caffeine rush coupled with a vibrant, full bodied taste, while enriching your immune system.

This is just the right beverage to kickstart your day. It leaves you with an enticing experience that makes you yearn for the next cup of Java planet coffee. Its flavour profiles have bits of hibiscus and allspice, and a dark chocolate finish. It is one of the few tasty low acid coffees available from one of the most renowned coffee brands worldwide.

6. Euromild

Euromild low-acid coffeeEuromild is ideal if you are looking for blend of slow roasted, smooth, and silky finish coffee.

While enjoying a cup of this coffee, you will enjoy a beverage without any harmful chemicals that has all the benefits of low-acid coffee.

This is because Euromild is made through a procedure that boasts of eliminating 99.5% of all the harmful acids –which makes it one of the least acidic coffee brands in the market.

Therefore, if you suffer from GERD, acid reflux, and any other sensitive stomach problems, you know exactly what to look for at the retail store, or order, when requesting for a Starbucks low acid coffee.

Even with all these benefits, you don’t have to do anything extra during preparation. Just make your cup of coffee as usual, the way you like it.

Despite its mildness, it does have some rich flavours you will enjoy. Rather than give up on taking coffee because your bladder can’t handle the regular brands, the low acidity nature of this coffee should go well with your tummy. After all, you are supposed to feel better and not bitter.

7. Simpatico

Simpatico low-acid coffeeSimpatico manufactures a wide range of coffee flavors that are naturally low in acid.

Arabica beans used in making this brand of coffee are sourced from small farmers in Mexico who have a reputation for using shade-grown methods and harvesting practices.

They prefer the natural way of eliminating pests and weeds rather than spraying harmful pesticides and herbicides. As a result, the consumer gets to enjoy a smooth beverage with rich flavours and without chemicals.

You can order a dark roast, medium roast, black & tan roast, or decaf – as whole beans or ground coffee. Everybody’s coffee interests and preference are well covered!

Simpatico is your one-way ticket to enjoying the benefits of low acid coffee without compromising on the rich taste and nice flavours. It gives you an opportunity to say goodbye to acid reflux, heart burns, and other stomach complications that are caused by consuming acidic coffee.

You can use any brewing method and your coffee will turn out just as smooth and flavoursome. Nevertheless, the appropriate ratio should be 7 grams or 1 table spoon of simpatico coffee to 6 ounces of fresh water.

8. Café Don Pedro Subtle Earth Organic

Café Don Pedro low-acid coffeeCafé Don Pedro is one of the oldest coffee brands around. Having stayed in the market so long because of its loyal consumers who appreciate the quality and flavors the company offers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that their low acid coffee is listed among the best in the market.

They know their coffee very well and the exact input that goes into attaining quality coffees. First, their beans are well prepared and roasted slowly to get the perfect balance of flavour and nutrients. The processing is an all-natural affair that retains most of the good nutrients and eliminates harmful elements like acids.

When drinking the coffee, you will feel tastes of honey, caramel, and cocoa. The aroma is that of baked bread and almond. Just the right combination to wake up to every morning. Café Don Pedro has gone to great lengths to ensure your coffee is just how you love it. And you won’t be disappointed.

Finally, some honourable mentions that are worth tasting include Folgers low acid coffee, Flax coffee, trader Joe’s low acid coffee, and Trucup coffee. They all have very nice low acidity coffees and come in different roasts and grounds. It is up to you to pick a preferred style. However, varying styles of processing coffee beans bring about other variables which play a big role in determining what appeals to your taste buds, is friendly to your stomach, and benefits the body.

How to Brew Low Acid Coffee

The way you brew your coffee influences the quality of the brew that ends up in your cup. Between French press, pour over and other coffee brewing methods, you must figure out what produces your ideal cup of coffee. Play around with the ratio and make necessary adjustments.

The recommended coffee to water ratio does not always result in a great tasting beverage for everybody. Somewhere along the experiments you will strike the right chord, and your coffee or espresso making experience will never be the same ever. It will be something you look forward to every single day.

Now, even after brewing your coffee, be wary of chemical reactions that are likely to alter its acidity. This happens a lot when you leave your coffee for a few hours on a hot plate then come back to drink it. You will discover immediately that it does not taste the same.

Rather than torture yourself, just make another fresh cup, and make sure you finish it before going to do other things. Coffee beans and grounds will always react when placed in some surroundings. That is why you will be warned not to put coffee in moist places like the refrigerator, or next to a hot surface.

If you have the Starbucks Verismo or the Keurig K-Cup machine, there are very many low acid k-cup coffees out there that you can choose from. Most of the brands mentioned here have their k cups and you can find them from the links provided.

Overall, low acid coffee helps a lot of people to enjoy their daily morning dosage of caffeine without having to worry about stomach upsets, heartburns, and acid reflux. Furthermore, nothing kickstarts a dull or slow morning better than a hot cup of your favourite coffee. Throw in the many antioxidants and nutrients found in coffee beans, and you have yourself a good reason not to miss a single cup of coffee.


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