KRUPS EA8808 2-In-1 Touch Cappuccino and Espresso Machine Review

If you have a fine tooth for high-quality coffee and don’t have the time to do it traditionally, you will find the KRUPS EA8808 2-in-1 fully automated cappuccino and espresso machine a delight. The easy to use the touchscreen and sleek black body makes it look and operate as smoothly as the coffee it produces.

The inbuilt burr grinder increases your options giving you the freedom to brew a variety of exotic beverages, from the popular espresso or cappuccino to the rare but tasty ristretto at the mere touch of a button.

Easy to Use and Highly Efficient

You will find your coffee brewing a breeze as the KRUPS EA8808 coffee maker handles everything. All you have to do is place fresh beans to the container on the top, select your drink from a menu on the large touchscreen display and sit back.

This espresso machine will make all the necessary adjustments on its own guaranteeing you the right result with each brew you make,

If you don’t like the default settings, you can tweak the ingredients to suit your preferences and have the KRUPS EA8808 espresso machine save these preferences for future use.

The two-in-one feature lets you prepare two lattes or cappuccinos at a go. The milk attachment froths milk directly from the container and mixes it with a shot of the coffee delivering them to the cup through one spout.

Easy Maintenance and Quick Use

You can create 2 drinks at a go and the milk frothing attachment cleans or automatically rinses at the touch of a button. The 9.5-ounce coffee bean container and 57-ounce water tank is more than enough to take even the coffee hungriest through the day without a refill.

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