Kohler Touchless Toilet Review

Bathrooms, whether in your home or commercial places are full of germs. Whether you are a germaphobe or not – having a touchless toilet in any of these places would be a welcome idea. Toilet that flush hands-free are becoming quite a common thing in many public areas. However, if you don’t have enough money to purchase a new unit, the Kohler touchless toilet kit will help you bring the touchless flash feature to your toilet.

The Kohler Touchless Toilet Kit aims to automate the process of flashing the toilet. The most interesting thing about this product that it works on already existing toilets meaning it would not cost you much.

Kohler Touchless Toilet Kit – How it Works

Installing the kit is quite easy and takes a few minutes. Upon activation, the Kohler Touchless Toilet Kit replicates the actions of a traditional manual toilet handle – it pulls the chain up opening the flapper and lets water from the reservoir into the toilet bowl. It does all this automatically without you having to touch it. What is impressive with Kohler Toilet touchless technology is its ability to sense a hand even through a thick porcelain water reservoir lid.

The touchless kit comes with an actuator and a plug that you will use to cover the hole that allowed the old handle to connect to the reservoir. In addition, you get four AA batteries and a unique sticker, which you should place on the lid so that you can note where the kit’s sensor ease for the best performance.

When you hover your hand over the sticker for a moment, you should hear a soft beep after which the flushing mechanism does its job.

Touchless toilet


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Reduces contact with germs
  • Kid friendly/fun to use
  • You can still retain the flush handle


  • The reservoir lid has to be free of any items
  • You may accidentally set it off if you bump into it

How to install Kohler Touchless Toilet Kit

Kohler toilet touchless

My hope is that your toilet is compatible with this kit and that you have already purchased and are ready to install it. The installation process is simple and straightforward – but remember, DO NOT to install the batteries on since it will keep on flashing whenever you move your hand over the infrared sensor.

  • Turn off the toilet’s water supply
  • Flush the toilet to remove any water from the reservoir tank
  • Clean up the reservoir tank
  • Close the toilet seat first just in case you drop some items during the installation process
  • Take out the chain and the handle from the reservoir
  • Separate the chain from the flapper
  • Cover the hole on the reservoir where the handle was using the plug that comes with the Kohler kit
  • Position the provided bumpers on top of the reservoir tank where it touches the lid
  • Slide Kohler kit with the device into the toilet and support it using hooks on the reservoir
  • Measure then connect and cut the chain that connects the flapper to the device if necessary
  • Install the AA batteries by placing them in the battery holder in the module
  • Replace the lid onto the reservoir tank
  • Place the provider sticker onto the side where the module is on the lid
  • Turn the water supply back on
  • Wave your hand over the sticker and experience the magic of using a touchless toilet
  • Get back to your daily activities knowing you will now have germ free toilet usage for a long time

This whole process takes a short time. Twenty minutes will be sufficient for you to do everything including unpacking the device.

How to replace the battery on the Kohler Toilet Kit

NOTE: Do not use lithium-ion batteries in this unit because such batteries may cause fire upon exposure to water.

In case you are wondering what the Kohler Touchless Toilet battery life is – the four AA batteries can last for between 6-12 months. When the batteries are running low, the Kohler kit beeps five times upon activation. Replacing the batteries is quite simple:

  • Open the reservoir lid and then also open the module lid
  • Pull out the battery holder from the module
  • Remove the old batteries and then load the new one as required
  • Return the battery holder into the module and close it
  • Replace the reservoir lid and get back to the touchless toilet experience

Kohler Touchless Toilet troubleshooting

The toilet unit can experience some few problems at times just like any other electric device out there. A common Kohler Touchless Toilet problem is – the Kohler Touchless flushing on its own.

If the Kohler Touchless Toilet keeps flushing on its own, you can simply give the manufacturer a call and you can be sure that you will get assistance in time. The most probable cause of this problem may be the kit having some wrong parts that you can easily swap out for the right ones.

If you have a Kohler Touchless Toilet not flushing at all problem – check whether you have installed the batteries correctly or if they are depleted and replace them. If it still does not work, try removing slack from the chain and confirm that the chain is attached to the flush valve and wheel.

Also, the system may be able to flush but produce a week flush. In this case, you should also check for slack on the chain. For sensor issues such as having to hover too close – relocate the emblem if not correctly positioned. You can also move the module upwards if there is enough room.

Having a touchless toilet without having to replace the whole unit is a welcome idea to many. Furthermore, it is a great way to add fun to your toilet experience besides avoiding germs by utilizing the fancy technology.

If you have kids, brace yourself for frequent flushing at least for the first few days after installation. The Kohler Touchless Toilet Kit is a useful tool that is not only convenient and easy to install but also affordable and beneficial to yours and your family’s wellbeing.

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