KEDSUM Digital Remote Switch Review


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  • Easy installation and configuration
  • The controller unit fits almost anywhere in your circuit making it easy to make an aesthetic installation
  • Its remote control range of 65 feet makes it a suitable in large premises


  • One switch can only control one set of circuitry. That means all the load connected to that circuit can either be on or off
  • The possibility of interference when running multiple remote controllers - receiver units in the same house or premises might rise exponentially

kedsum wireless remote switch for lightsKedsum Wireless 1 Way switch is a simple and easy to operate gadget that gives you absolute control over different electronics in the house.

You can use it to switch on or off basically anything that doesn’t have an additional power button.

This makes it a perfect way to maintain remote control over the lights and fans in your house without to walk over to a wall switch.

The 1 way on or off position means that you can either switch on or off but cannot adjust the amount of power going through hence the bulb brightness of fan speed.

Design Features

The KEDSUM wireless switch comprises of the receiver or actuator and a remote control that sends the signal to the receiver switch. The receiver switch sits in the wall between the power supply and the equipment in question while the remote controller will always be by your side.

While the receiver is made of hard resistant plastic, the remote controller comes in a sleek white finish oblong shape with two prominent on or off buttons. Then ‘ON’ button is painted an unmistakable green while the off button bears a characteristic red color. Once you are done with the setup, the operation would be as simple as depressing the button you want to elicit the desired response.

Connection and setup

Setting up the Kedsum wireless 1 way on or off switch needs some experience since you not only have to understand the circuit diagram schematics but also know how to safely handle electricity. If you haven’t worked with electric switches before, it would be wise to let someone with experience handle the installation. Always remember to turn off the power at the main switch before starting the installation.

Expect the following wires on the digital remote control switch

  • Black wire to the very edge of the device. This is the output that connects to the lights or fan neutral wire (white common)
  • Black wire next to red wire. This is an input that connects to neutral on power source (white common wire)
  • Red wire: This is an input that connects to the live (black wire) from the power source
  • Yellow wire: An output that connects to the black wire of the load (fan or lights)
  • Blue wire: This is the antenna

Here is a simple circuit diagram showing you how to connect the Kedsum wireless remote control.

kedsum wireless remote control circuit diagram

Once you are done wiring the connections, you can turn on the main switch to initiate the power flow. Install the AA battery into the remote control and press the on and off buttons to test function. Everything should work fine if you wired the unit right and the remote wire was fully extended.

The efficient range for the wireless remote controller is an astounding 65 feet which not only makes it perfect for indoor appliances but also makes it the right kind of switch to operate your outdoors security lights from the comfort of your house.

How to Connect the Kedsum Digital Remote Switch

Follow the instructions on the video below to connect the Kedsum digital remote switch to a US power source:

Bottom Line

The Kedsum Wireless digital remote control switch is a simple usable device and it comes in handy to save on the long tiresome walks to conventional switches put lights on or off. The impressive range increases the number of possible applications, stretching use from mere convenience to utter necessity especially when controlling on or off switches installed in inconvenient hard to access areas.


  1. Reply
    Gary December 14, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Good product, terrible instructions. The ones an this website were taken from the products wiring diagram, and the wiring diagram was made by four different people who don’t know English or wiring, very confusing. Even the diagram doesn’t make it any clearer.

    • Reply
      Gordon Dove February 4, 2018 at 7:40 pm

      I purchased one to replace a wall switch for fireplace.Trouble is there are only two wires to off//on switch,red and white.What wires are connected to what to do away with switch.Thanks.

      • Reply
        Tim February 4, 2018 at 8:27 pm

        I have installed this switch in my bedroom and I have come to terms with the vague instructions. From experience, I know that:

        – Wiring to the wall off/on switch will confuse you. Intercept the power before it gets to the bulb (the circuit diagram in this post seems to drive this point home)
        – You may or may not do away with the wall switch. If you do away with the wall switch, link up the two wires that go into your switch. This should be easy if it’s a one-way switch. as it will only have two wires.

        My understanding of the Kedsum switch is that it sits on the power circuit just before the load (the bulb)

        With this in mind, It means that the Hot wire goes to the load’s hot wire (In your case the red wire) while the other wire (white or black) goes to the bulb’s power supply cold.

        To avoid confusion, don’t install the Kedsum digital remote where the wall switch is. Intercept the power cables just before they get to the bulb you want to control.

        In my case,

        1. I disconected the power cables to the bulb holder and fed them into the Kedsum (red to live terminal of the Kedsum, black to neutral terminal of the kedsum)
        2. I used a fresh pair of wire from the kedsum to the bulb holder. One from the Kedsum’s Live terminal to bulb holder’s live, and another from Kedsum’s neutral to bulb holder’s neutral.

        in this way, the entire power flow to the bulb is rerouted through the kedsum. That is the right way to install this tiny digital remote.

        nb. Color coding changes from region to region. Knowing what color stands for neutral and what color is live in your region will make things easier.

        Once the kedsum is hooked up, you will have to flip your wall switch on and leave it on always else there won’t be power flowing to the Kedsum hence the bulb.

        • Gordon Dove February 4, 2018 at 10:42 pm

          Thanks for info and taking time to share your knowledge

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