Kalorik Sous Vide Immersion Cooker Review

Sous Vide cooking always calls for closely controlled cooking temperatures from the very start to the very end. To succeed, you will need to use the best equipment at your disposal. Even though improvisation is always an option, you will be better off working with the Kalorik sous vide immersion cooker.

kalorik sous vide immersion cooker reviewToday I’m going to show you why the Kalorik circulator offers you the best value for your money if you are venturing into immersion cooking for the first time.

The Kalorik sous vide immersion cooker goes into a tub or pot of water. It draws water from the tub, heats it to the precise temperature before spitting it back into the tub. You can use immersion cooking paper bags if you don’t have an appropriate tub. The food you are cooking will be in the immersion cooking bags or even in the tub.

A good immersion cooker will maintain the temperatures as close to the desired setting as possible. With the Kalorik sous vide immersion cooker, you get up to one-degree accuracy hence giving you the leeway you need when following those stringent immersion circulator recipes.

The Kalorik Immersion Cooker at a Glance

You will get temperature ranges from 75 to 210 degree Fahrenheit and it will work with most food-grade freezer bags. A convenient handle at the top with a lock on clip makes it easier to attach the immersion cooker to the tub while a digital readout displays the set temperature and actual temperature of the water.

The Kalorik immersion cooker comes in a dull silvery finish and strong black plastic insulation that host the control panel and give you a clamp and handle with which you can operate the immersion cooker without getting hurt.

Set Up and Use

Configuration is simple once you’ve figured how to plug the immersion cooker into your wall socket. All you to do is set the target temperature using an intuitive control dial on the right edge of the dial face before pressing the simple start/stop button on the circulator’s face.

Even though the clamp might be easy to figure out to some, others might have trouble latching the Kalorik sous vide cooker to a tub. To firmly attach the cooker,

  • Grab the Kalorik sous vide cooker by the handle and pull the trigger to release the clamp
  • Slip it into the edge of the tub you will be using with the dial facing outwards
  • Once you’ve set it down to the maximum depth, release the trigger to secure the cooker
  • Removing the immersion cooker from the tub is as easy as pressing on the trigger and pulling the whole thing up by the handle. Don’t touch any of the metallic parts as they will be hot

The SVD 43056 Kalorik sous vide immersion cooker is made of stainless steel and has an 850W power rating at 120 volts. The automatic shut off will keep your home safe in case you forget you were cooking while its 7L capacity makes it ideal for small to medium sized sous vide cooking and is a proper rival to the Sous Smart SSV2700 Precise Cooking Immersion Pod.


  • The Kalorik SVD 43056 is energy efficient and offers a commendable temperature control that is crucial in efficient sous vide cooking
  • If you use soft water or don’t wrap your food properly, bits of dirt will go up the immersion cooker into the coil which is very hard to clean as you can’t disassemble it.
  • The easy and straightforward on device controls makes it fast to set up and start using


  • The inward facing handle might expose you to steam especially if you are cooking at high temperatures
  • The Bluetooth connectivity is almost wasted. Finding a smartphone app to control or remotely monitor the Kalorik SVD 43056 was hard

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

kalorik sous vide food example

A mouth watering sous vide stake

‘Sous vide’ in sous vide cooking is a French phrase that means ‘under vacuum.’ It refers to the fact that with the technique, the food will first go into vacuum sealed bags before you plunge it into the temperature-controlled water bath.

The good this with immersion circulator recipes is that they give you a standard way to cook steak, shrimp, vegetables, chicken breasts and other foods without having to worry about other troubles that come with traditional cooking.

60 degree for 20 minutes is just that since the cooker is highly accurate. You won’t have to poke meat thermometers into your pork shoulders or cut and jab with your fingers to ensure a perfect cook. This is why most people prefer sous vide cooking for those tricky and gourmet recipes.

This immersion circulator is safe, reliable and accurate, which are the three features you need regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional. The fact that the Bluetooth control is a bit of a mystery and the lack of actual support from Kalorik might make this immersion cooker a bother to people keen on the remote control.

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    Could you tell what app worked for the Kalorik sous vide immersion cooker?

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