The JURA Smart Connect Transmitter Will Make Your Automatic Coffee Maker Smarter

The JURA Smart Connect Transmitter

The JURA Smart Connect Transmitter

Close to a Real Wireless Coffeemaker

8.7 /10

Ease of Set Up & Use

9.0 /10

Mobile App Features

8.5 /10

Value for Money

9.5 /10

Amazon Customer Rating

10.0 /10


  • No complex and technical configurations once you have the JURA Smart Connect dongle inserted into the slot
  • Better control options and user interface as opposed to what the coffee maker gives you with the inbuilt controls
  • An intuitive maintenance and statistics menu gives you a better look at what is going on with your coffee maker


  • The installation slot is hidden under hardware. It would have been better if it were at an exposed and easy to access place
  • Some of the coffee makers don’t have a cup sensor and the JURA Smart Connect coffee maker app doesn’t warn you or prompt you to insert a cup before beginning a brew. You can easily make a mess
  • Bluetooth gives you an effective 3-meter connectivity range. This isn’t the freedom I expected from the wireless connectivity.

An automatic coffee maker is a blessing in disguise – especially if it is programmable. However, with home automation growing by the day, it will only be a couple of hours before you lust for something better. The JURA Smart Connect gives you that extra kick, taking the controls away from your rather low tech controls on the automatic coffee machine and putting them on your smartphone, iPad or tab as long as it has a Bluetooth connectivity.

For starters, your coffee maker must be from JURA. You also need the JURA Coffee App that is available on your respective device app store. Once you have the two in place, you can begin configuring the JURA Smart Connect Bluetooth transmitter to work with your automatic coffee maker.

Set Up and Getting Started

Installing the JURA Smart Connect transmitter might be a challenge to some. You will need a screwdriver and a proper understanding of your JURA coffee maker since the plug port lies hidden under the top assembly of the coffee maker.

You will have to access the coffee berries reservoir to find the JURA Smart Connect port lying next to it. This might vary depending on your JURA coffee maker model. Consult your manual to ensure that you get this right as a false move might damage your priced coffee maker.

A LED on the transmitter will come on if you have plugged in the JURA Bluetooth dongle right. Once done, you can reassemble the coffee maker and turn on your mobile device to connect to your coffee maker.

The JURA Smart Connect Coffee App

The coffee maker app is utter simplicity with big icons to manage your coffee maker settings, connectivity, look at brewing statistics and a set of instructions on how to use the device. Tapping on Product Settings will take you straight to configuring your coffee where you will have to edit different aspects of the coffee brew you want.

Once you are done, you can click on start to activate the coffee maker.

Apart from just letting you control the coffee maker from a distance, the JURA Smart Connect Coffee app will let you control all the settings possible with the control pad on the actual coffee maker while also giving you a glimpse into the coffee maker’s brewing and usage statistics.


The JURA Bluetooth adapter is compatible with selected JURA coffee makers like GIGA X3, GIGA X8, Z6, E6, WE6, E60, E600 and E800 series. Ensure that the coffee maker is running the latest software version for perfect compatibility, The app, on the other hand, requires Android 4.4 and above or iOS 7.0 or higher.


The JURA Wireless Connect is definitely a smart addition to your automatic coffee maker. It puts the controls at your finger tips, giving you a more intuitive control panel that is way better than what is on the device. It will be fun to operate your coffee maker from a distance (though not a great distance) and everything will run smoothly if everyone remembers to place a new cup under the spout every time they collect their cup of cappuccino or coffee.

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