Ivation Wireless Dehumidifier Review

If you are always fighting humidity in your closet or gun safe, then you know the importance of investing in a good dehumidifier. This device will help keep your safe dry and free from moisture that is damaging to many things, especially those made from metal. One of the most popular dehumidifiers in the market is the Ivation dehumidifier. This gadget makes use of dehumidifier pellets to get rid of moisture from the air, although in a slow way.


Just like the Stack-On-Spad dehumidifier, the Ivation Wireless Dehumidifier is designed to work without being plugged in to a power outlet. The little device is made up of a plastic casing filled with disposable dehumidifier pellets, which are made from silica gel crystals, and have a good ability to absorb moisture. With silica gel crystals having a faster absorption rate, better dehumidifying capabilities, and being reusable, you will get a device that is durable and cost effective when you buy the Ivation dehumidifier.

How it Works

When you place this dehumidifier in a closet or any area that is filled with humidity, the silica gel crystals begin absorbing the moisture from the air. This causes the crystals to change color from blue to pink. There are intermediate colors like light pink which show that the crystals are absorbing water but still have the ability to take in more. When the silica crystals are fully pink, it is an indication that the dehumidifier has taken in a lot of moisture and needs to be “recharged”. If you live in region with less humidity, this dehumidifier should last for about 30-60 days before there is need to recharge.

However, those who live in areas with a lot of humidity will find the Ivation dehumidifier to be quite underperforming since it sucks moisture from the air at a slow rate than other dehumidifier. For this reason, you might be required to use two dehumidifiers at a go or get a different device.


ivation wireless dehumidifierTo recharge your dehumidifier, simply connect the device to a power outlet. When you plug in, power is supplied to the compartment which gets heated and in turn heats up the silica gel crystals. Heat from the electrical source doesn’t have moisture or humidity and this enables the crystals to heat up and eliminate their accumulated moisture into the atmosphere. Make sure to place your dehumidifier in a well ventilated area while heating to prevent moisture from the air from interfering with it.


  • Cheap
  • Can be used in any safe since it doesn’t need any cords to work
  • Come as a pair for better dehumidification in areas with more humidity


  • Slow when it comes to dehumidifying places with a lot of moisture
  • Takes too long to charge

If you think this dehumidifier doesn’t meet your needs, head over to the Stack-On-Spad review, which has a slightly better performance that this Ivation dehumidifier. Overall, this model is decent at its price although you shouldn’t expect phenomenal results when used in places with more humidity. In some cases, using both of them at once gave better results. Therefore, find out the setting that will work best in your home when you get these dehumidifiers.

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