How to Install a Bidet Sprayer (DIY)

A bidet sprayer is a toilet add-on used for cleaning the unmentionables instead of using ordinary toilet paper. Originally invented in France, the bidet sprayer works by gushing a spray of water from the toilet’s water supply which the user then directs as they please. The bidet spray consists of three main parts: a hose, a valve, a filter connection splicer, and a perforated faucet. Its popularity arises not only because of its innovative aspects but also because it is more effective than your ordinary toilet paper.

How to Install a Bidet Toilet Sprayer (DIY)

The configuration of a bidet sprayer is a basic plumbing job, similar to installing a handheld shower, with no much experience is required. However, you will have to purchase several equipment. A T outlet, a ½ inch hose, perforated faucet, Teflon tape, a bracket for hanging it against the wall, and a filter connection splicer. You can also get the entire package from Amazon. Once you have all these in place, you can install the sprayer by following the steps indicated below:

  • Split the water using the T outlet
  • Connect the hose to one end the T outlet using the filter connection splicer and bind it with Teflon tape.
  • Connect the kitchen sink sprayer to the other end of the hose and bind it with the Teflon tape.
  • Between the T and the end faucet, you need to include the valve. The length of your hose varies between 2-3 feet but may change depending on the distance from the wall.

How to Use a Bidet Sprayer

Using a bidet sprayer is simple. Once you are done with your business, get a hold of the faucet by removing it from the bracket on the wall. You need to choose whether you will enter it by the rear of the toilet seat or the front section. Now turn on the valve while making sure the faucet is directed at the desired point. Water then gushes out as a spray and cleanses whatever need be cleansed.

A skill that comes with experience is the faucet’s tilt angle and the amount of water pressure at the valve. For first timers, make sure to check for cleanliness using a white tissue paper after using the bidet to know exactly what you need to do in order to be clean. You can use it as many times as you need until you are satisfied of its functionality.

bidet sprayer package

How to Fix a Leaking Bidet Sprayer

If you did a self-installation of the bidet sprayer, then you are most likely to experience some leaking sooner rather than later that is if you didn’t install it well enough. Leaks occur anywhere from your T-connection, valve connection, or the handheld sprayer connection. Fixing the bidet sprayer is just as easy as fixing any other plumbing leak.

You can opt to dismantle the entire setup and reinstall it using silicone gel which will permanently seals the connections or you can use the lazier approach- adding more tape at the leaking section. Adding more tape solves the problem temporarily as you have to fix it again and again. When adding silicone gel, ensure your hands are as clean as possible since any unclean markings on the scald do not rub off easily- giving your toilet an ugly appearance.


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