Inkbird Wireless Meat Thermometer IBT-2X Review

The Inkbird Digital Meat Thermometer IBT-2X is a smart cooking device that comes with a stainless probe, Bluetooth connectivity, and a WiFi function. It is designed to make cooking and Barbecue grilling easy and convenient.

With excellent craftsmanship, this cooker will ensure you enjoy great Barbecue with family and friends many years to come.

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Design and Features

The Inkbird Digitial Meat Thermometer is a great equipment that I would recommend to all Barbecue lovers. Thanks to its great list of features, this equipment allows you control temperatures and grill your meat like a pro without having to leave the comfort of your seat.

The Inkbird IBT-2X puts most of the controls on the Bluetooth smartphone app meaning that unlike other bbq meat thermometers, you will only get one black unit, the one that attaches to the probe. The small and minimalistic design only has a simple red LED display that shows the temperature reading and a power button meaning that you can’t really do anything to the thermometer without the mobile app.

wireless meat thermometer presetsMobile control over Bluetooth gives you the ability to monitor and control your food without necessarily having to hover around it. The good news with this is that the software app that allows you do this comes freely with this package and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You can monitor the cooking process using the thermometer’s alarms that makes cooking pretty much easy. Here, you are required to set your alarm at a certain temperature level and wait for the trigger alarm to tell you when the food is ready.

Set Up and Use

The thermometer and probe is in itself plug and play. Most of the configuration will take place on the Bluetooth app that you can download from your respective app store. Once the app is up and running, you will have to switch on Bluetooth and follow the normal pairing procedure before venturing into the bulk of the settings and options.

Once the phone connects, the app will load the controls and have a control panel showing you the probe number, preferred settings, and current status. You can also monitor the temperature history or if you do not know what temperatures to use, enter the programmed settings tab and choose the kind of meat you want to cook and the meat thermometer will manage everything for you


  • Simple to use.
  • Real-time display of cooking temperature that allows you keep up to speed with your cooking process.
  • Has a double socket that will allow you to monitor 2 items at the same time
  • The programmed meat cooking modes are fast, convenient and easy to use


  • It is battery powered and this might be problematic especially if you forget to inspect it before beginning grilling
  • The Bluetooth range is a bit disappointing. You might have to sit in the vicinity of the bbq grill, meat smoker or oven to maintain connection


The Inkbird Digital Meat thermometer equipment is certainly a kitchen necessity. Get one today and make your cooking and grilling experience feel like a walk in the park. With digital controls, it should be easy to prepare and enjoy your delicious meat and foods without necessarily monitoring even a single process. It is worth noting how you can complement this thermometer with a slow cooker.

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    Ali December 28, 2017 at 8:16 am

    Good review, I got IBT-2X , and also got IBT-4XS, i perfer IBT-4XS, i like the USB charging、Magnetic based and Rotatable reading design.

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