Induxpert Induction Cooktop Burner Review

Induxpert Induction Cooktop Burner


Energy Efficiency


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  • Improved safety since you no longer have to worry about naked flames or red hot coils
  • Adjustable power consumption making it ideal for RV or camp use and power use when in the kitchen
  • Safety features like smart pot detection system, emergency auto power off and child lock
  • A smooth surface finish makes cleaning as easy as wiping it with a soft damp cloth
  • Light and portable


  • The single cooktop approach is ideal for portability but sometimes, it might have you wishing you had two cooktops on this single induction coil cooker

Induction Cooktop Burners are a great way to cook without an actual fire. This is the single most attractive feature that not only makes them safer in the kitchen but also perfect for a day out camping or a weekend trip on your RV. The Induxpert Induction cooktop burner combines the native induction cooking principles with advanced safety and energy efficiency features that would put a smile on your face – especially if you love exotic gadgets in your kitchen.

The Induxpert cooktop shaves off minutes from your cook time thanks to its efficiency and fast cook speeds, giving you a way to enjoy mouth watering meals in record time. Think of it as that additional cooker you turn to when you don’t have the time to power on your traditional electricity or gas burner.

Design and Appearance

induxpert induction cookerThe Induxpert comes in a sleek black with white accents, a design that complements its slim profile and undeniable aesthetics. At the very front is a control panel with premium sensor touch control buttons and a small LED screen to display the power, timer, and temperature. You will get an emergency auto shut off switch, a functions button and simple ‘up’ ‘down’ arrows to help you configure the presets.

The induction plate is a matte black finish with a circular outline hinting on where you should place your induction cooktop pot or pan to get the work started.

The small profile and sturdy rubberized stands make it quite convenient. You can bring it out and place it on your granite counter top or just set it up at the back of your RV or off road car for a quick meal when out camping (that is as long as you have a power inverter to generate the 120V power input)

Getting Started With the Induxpert

Amazingly, the Induxpert induction cooker is a bare plug and use device. There aren’t any complex configurations other than choosing the operating power, temperature targets and cook times. The temperatures will range from 140F to 464F while the cooking time can be anything from five minutes to a whole 3 hours.

Setting all this will be a breeze using the function button and UP or DOWN buttons to adjust values. The sheer simplicity of this digital and high tech cooking platforms makes it so easy to use even a child could operate. You, however, won’t have to worry about this since it has a dedicated child lock function to prevent unsupervised use.

Since the Induxpert induction cooker lets you choose from up to 9-watt settings ranging from 200W to 1800W, you can always dial it up when you want fast cooking and have a mains power connection or limit the power output and extend cooking hours when you are running it in your RV.

The platform will work with any magnetic cookware within the 4.7” and 10.2” bracket. If you are unsure of whether your pot will work on an induction cooker, you should try attaching a magnet to it. Anything strongly magnetic will do great on the cooker.

Induxpert Error Codes and Their Meaning

An intelligent error detection and reporting system will keep everything in check and come to life when something is amiss. Here are the common error codes and their meanings

  • E3: When the input voltage exceeds 150V.
  • E4: When the input voltage is lower than 90V.
  • E5: Overheat protection – simply allow your cooktop to cool down before resuming cooking.

How Do Induction Cooktop Burners Work?

It would be wise to review how induction cooktop burners work. The burner consists of a ceramic plate sitting over an electromagnet coil. When the current from the wall supply goes through this coil, it induces alternating magnetic field that doesn’t heat up the burner in any way.

Placing a stainless steel or iron pan on the burner leads to a magnetic field interaction that will, in turn, induce tiny electric currents in the pan. Since iron isn’t that good an electric current, all the resistance to the induced current flow leads to heat energy, hence the induction cooking.

Why Should You Want to Own an Induction Cooktop?

The fact that induction cooktops don’t directly get hot is good news. The Induxpert induction cooktop only heats up from contact with the cooking top and will cool off very fast once you get your pan off. This makes them safer. Couple this with their high efficiency and the fact that it can be up to twice as efficient and fast as conventional gas stoves make it more lucrative.

What Cooking Utensils Work on Induction Cooktops?

Anything that is magnetic (stick a magnet on it to try) will work just fine with an induction cooker. This means pans made of aluminum or copper won’t work while iron and stainless utensils are the best for induction cooking.


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