iConnect Body Fat Scale Review

A great deal of today’s bathroom scales are interested in more than your body weight. They dig deeper, keep better statistics and monitor your body fat vs. Bone, muscle and water reading. These scales give a more accurate depiction of your fitness as opposed to using your weight and height to calculate a BMI reading.

Detecto’s iConnect is a smart body fat scale that not only takes these readings but also uploads them to an app on your mobile device to do calculations and plot graphs for you. This becomes a handy motivational tool to anyone interested in more than losing weight. The iConnect will help you monitor your body fat readings hence giving you the chance to stretch your fitness beyond the normal standard.

Design and Appearance

The iConnect might look like any other bathroom scale at first glance. It is almost the same size, has two strips running down both sides of an LCD screen that looks innocent and dumb until you power on the scale and put your legs on the white strips.

The ample 1.8” display comes to life, displaying a Bluetooth icon, your weight reading in pounds and the fat weight as a percentage. The touch sensitive buttons just below the screen let you scroll up or down the display menu while the enter button lets you select a specific function.

While the controls on the iConnect body fat scale might seem decent enough, it is the mobile app that brings everything to life.

The iConnect Smartphone App

The smartphone app is available on both Android and iPhone and is free on the respective app stores. Once you have the app installed and paired to your smart body fat scale, you will have to give it a while before you can begin seeing all the cool graphs and progress reports.

This is so since the app depends on the readings taken from the iConnect smart weight scale to plot figures and give you a graphical insight into how much you’ve achieved over time.

A great place to start off at is the snapshot page that gives you your current readings, compares them to people in your gender and lets you set a target you can work towards.

iconnect mobile app

The smartphone app connects to the scale via Bluetooth and does nothing more than just receive data from the scale. This isn’t much of a set back bearing in mind there are literary no settings to toy with on the iConnect weight scale itself.

The I Connect Smart Glass LCD Digital 8-in-1 Body Fat Scale from Detector measures your weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, calorie predictor and athlete mode to provide you with a full analysis of your weight management trends. The Bluetooth scale helps you reach your fitness goals by allowing you to store data and analyze it in your smartphone weekly, monthly or yearly. This scale easily pairs with both iPhones or Android phones. The Detecto health app allows you to share your information with your doctor, providing your health care professional with the better information on how to advise you.400lb capacity

8-in-1 analysis includes body fat, body water, body muscle, body bone mass, daily calorie intake, BMI & athlete mode

  • Easy-to-read 1.8″ LCD display
  • Free Detector app pairs scale with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones
  • Graphs weight, body fat, water, bone mass & muscle mass

How Does the iConnect Body Fat Scale Work?

The iConnect, like most of the fat scales in the market, uses bioelectrical impedance to estimate your body fat. The two white strips are actually sensors that send a mild electric current up one leg, across the pelvis and down the other leg.

The higher the resistance to current flow the more the body fat you’ve got. The scale will use a formula on the resistance reading to create an estimate based on your weight, age, gender, and height.

The Advantages

  • The iConnect body fat scale comes in a variety of finishes, from glass to silver, that will be a perfect fit for any bathroom decor
  • The smartphone app is a great way to keep records. You no longer have to scribble notes or struggle to remember what your last reading was


  • The fat to weight ratio readings might not be as accurate as many people would want them to be


The iConnect is a great way to keep track of all your vitals. It will give you visual cues that will help you adjust your workout and diet accordingly or keep you motivated through the hard parts. It lends a fresh breath of life to the mundane weight scales of yesterday, giving us something that can we can look at, be proud of and share with our friends for mutual motivation.



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