Hunter SIMPLEconnect Bluetooth Remote Control Pack Review

SIMPLEconnect programmable control is Hunter Fan Company’s attempt at making dumb fans and lights smart. The wireless controller lets you set your ceiling fan and lights in the house to match a specific schedule that makes your sleeping and room occupancy more efficient.

Think of it as a programmable thermostat. You can set when the fan goes on and what speed it revolves at. Shut it down minutes after you leave the house or fall asleep or perhaps set up a security feature that turns the ceiling fan on and off randomly to give the illusion that someone is home when you are away.hunter simple connect full package

Design and Appearance

There isn’t much to say about the Hunter Fan 99108 SIMPLEconnect remote control receiver. It is a small gadget enclosed in blue plastic that goes into the hub at the base of your ceiling fan. There are two cables to connect it between the power source and the fan itself and a trailing antenna to receive control signals from the mobile device running the SIMPLEconnect app.

The receiver needs the white wall control unit that plugs into your wall socket. This controller can connect to multiple receivers meaning that you can use it to control and monitor more than one fan as long as you are willing to purchase the additional receivers. It is the this wall socket unit that processes all the commands from your phone and redirects them to your fan.

The add-on receiver uses Bluetooth and is compatible with a wide range of ceiling fans with pull chains.the hunter simpleconnect bluetooth controller

The Hunter SIMPLEconnect mobile app, on the other hand, is a neat and functional piece that not only puts controls at your fingertips but makes everything ever so simple by using sliders to adjust speed and bulb brightness or set your schedules when programming your ceiling fan. The tabbed interface that lets you add receivers (fans,) a calendar tab for managing schedules and a timer to manage short-term settings.

Installation and Getting Started

First, you will need to grab your mobile app from your respective store. The SIMPLEconnect mobile app is only available on Android and iOS. Searching simpleconnect should lead you to the app (ensure that it is the official app from Hunter)

Now, on to the ceiling fan receiver installation.

The controller shouldn’t be used with any other kind of automatic, wireless or wired fan controller. Uninstall these before beginning the following process. Just keep a simple on/off wall switch that cuts or connects power to the fan and its light.

  1. If you have a fan with pull chains, use the chains to set fan speed to high and lights on before disconnecting the power. You will have to turn off the power at the switch and the house circuit breaker for maximum safety.
  2. Unscrew the fan’s lower canopy to expose the wires. Remove the wires connecting to the fan from the ceiling but be sure to leave the grounding wire connected as you won’t need. Refer to your fan manufacturer manual to understand the wiring, how to unscrew the base and different wire color codes and their meanings.
  3. Taking a photo of the entire assembly before taking off any wires is a great way to know what wire went to what slot.
  4. Clear out some space in the fan canopy by cutting off extra wire. The standard is 8 inches minimum. Anything longer than this fills up the canopy, leaving little or no room for the SIMPLEconnect smart fan receiver. If you are dealing with a low profile ceiling fan, you might have to install the Hunter wireless receiver on a ceiling bracket and run the connecting wires to the fan.
  5. Connecting the wireless receiver to the fan is simple. The blue wire from the receiver goes to the blue (perhaps black with white stripe) wire while the yellow wire from the receiver connects to the black (motor wire) on the fan. If the fan has different color coded wires, consult the manual to understand what each wire does before making the connection.
  6. Connect the black wire from the ceiling to the black wire from the receiver. The white wire from the ceiling power supply (the ground wire. It could be yellow with a green stripe depending on your location) goes to the controller’s white wire and the fan’s ground connection (in case you followed this guide when disconnecting the fan, this will be still hooked to the fan)
  7. Once all the wires are firmly connected and secured, you can insulate them with electrician’s tape and replace the canopy then go and turn on the power at the circuit breaker.

Here is a brief video guide from Hunter on how to handle the installation

Setting Up the Hunter SIMPLEconnect Wall Controller

Read out the pairing pin on the wall controller’s base before plugging it into a wall socket. The controller will keep in touch with fans up to 80 feet away. A central location would be perfect if you intent to control multiple fans.

Once powered, launch your ddevice’sBluetooth before launching the app. You will see a Controller button. Tap on this and enter the 4 digit pin you found on the base of the controller you just plugged into the wall. You must be within 10 feet of the wall controller to establish a strong Bluetooth connection.

Configuring Additional Receivers

Interested in expanding your simple connect programmable control so that more of your ceiling fans and lights revolve around your schedule? the simple connect add-on receiver is Bluetooth compatible and works with any major brand of ceiling fan with pull chains. Simply install the receiver and pair it to your controller. With a few keystrokes in the app you can control multiple fans. The simple connect app is available for iOS or Android devices.To be used with the hunter 99107 simple connect.

  • l Allows you to add an additional fan to your simple connect
  • l Compatible and works with any major brand of a ceiling fan with pull chains
  • l Installs into the canopy of the fan, just like any other remote receiver

If you want to manage more than one fan, you will have to buy an additional receiver for each fan. These are sold separately. Once you have it installed, head over to your phone app and

  • l Tap the Gear icon and select one of the unconfigured receivers in the list
  • l Tap the pair device button
  • l Turn the power to the fan on and off from the circuit breaker or main switch before immediately doing the next step (within three minutes of this)
  • l Tap OK on the app to confirm pairing. The lights, if dimmable, will flash and the fan will run at low speed to confirm the pairing


Using the Hunter SIMPLEconnect Remote Controller

hunter on and off remote controlIf you don’t want to use the Bluetooth app at all times, you can turn to the optional ON/OFF remote. Pairing the Hunter ON/OFF remote to your fan is easy. You should always use the wall switch or circuit breaker to shut off power to all your fans to prevent a malfunction.

To pair, turn the power to the fan you want to pair and within three minutes of turning it on, press and hold both the fan and light button on the remote controller for at least 4 seconds. The lights will flash and the fan turn at low speed to confirm the pairing.

Advantages of the SIMPLEconnect Remote Controller System

  • l Relatively easy to install and configure
  • l An impressive mobile app that gives solid control over all your fan features
  • l The alternative remote controller gives you control even when you don’t have a phone
  • l The freedom to hook up to multiple fans via one app and wall unit makes it a good find for multiple fans
  • l The 85-foot fan range from the wall controller is enough for most homes
  • Group fans to create similar schedules and control power over same need areas
  • More than one smartphone can connect to the wall controller at ago


  • l You must be within a couple of feet to the wall controller to create an effective Bluetooth link and use the app
  • l The ON/OFF remote controller can only link to one fan at a go. This means you need more than one but it is a good solution for rooms far away from the wall controller.


The entire SIMPLEconnect series from Hunters is a great way to impose your will on your otherwise dumb fan without having to stand up and move to the wall switch or use the cords to adjust bulb brightness and fan speed. If installed properly, it will serve you well for long and you can automate your ceiling fan without necessarily replacing it with intelligent fans that have all the above features built in.

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