How to Unblock a Vacuum Hose

When faced with a blocked vacuum hose, you would ordinarily turn to the hassle of ramming a broom handle down the hose, banging it or blowing it out using another vacuum – but this may fail besides taking more than hour to unclog your vacuum hose. Since water is an excellent solvent, it would be the best solution for unblocking the vacuum hose.

Running water wears down even the hardest rocks so it would do a good job at clearing out a vacuum hose. In this case, the tools you would need to unclog the vacuum hose are water and a garden hose. Afterwards, follow these steps:

  • Ensure your vacuum is off and then detach the hose
  • Take the hose outside and fill it with water
  • Hold the hose in a U-shaped manner and alternate between raising each end repeatedly to slosh the water from side to side within the hose
  • With time, the clog will become saturated with water
  • Place the hose on the ground and use a garden hose to direct a powerful water stream through the vacuum hose
  • After a short while, you will see lumps of detritus flushing out on the other end of the vacuum hose – continue with the procedure until all the material is washed out. You may now use a broom handle or wire to push out any other material
  • Hung the hose to dry ready for the next cycle of use

How to Clean a Smelly Vacuum Hose

Your vacuum hose may at some point emit an odor. In this case you will need to clean the inside of the vacuum cleaner hose. To do this, first follow the above unclogging procedure and then wash the hose in a sink using hot water, bleach and some dishwashing soap. Scrub using a bottle washer if necessary and then rinse it out then leave it to dry.

How to get a Sock out of a Vacuum Hose

Socks are some of the most common objects that may get into a vacuum cleaner hose and cause a malfunction. To remove a sock from a vacuum hose, follow these steps:

  • Power off and unplug the vacuum and then detach the hose
  • Look through the hose and see if you can remove the sock using your fingers – if not possible, use a pair of needle nose pliers
  • If both fail – insert a long object such as a broom handle into one end of the hose and try pushing the sock out until it emerges on the opposite end
  • After doing so successfully, replace the hose onto the vacuum cleaner and lock it securely ready for use


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