How to Froth Milk without a Frother

If you do not have a steamer an espresso machine, do not despair because you can still froth milk without any of these fancy devices. All you need is microwave and a mason jar and then follow these four simple steps:

  • Fill the jar with the desired amount of milk but ensure it is not more than half full
  • Cover the mason jar and then shake it vigorously for about 30 seconds
  • Uncover the jar and then heat it in the microwave for around 40 seconds or until it gets hot to stabilize the foam
  • Using a spoon, hold the foam back and pour the hot milk and then spoon the foam on top of whatever beverage you want to enjoy

This is just one method on how to froth milk without a frother. There are several other alternatives to froth milk with or without using a frother. You can use:

  • Blender: To achieve this, pour warm milk into your blender and then turn it on at medium speed until the milk becomes frothy. Ensure you cover the blender’s lid with a dishtowel – to prevent the milk from being scattered all over your kitchen. The result is a nice-looking froth with small uniform bubbles.
  • Electric Mixer: You first heat up your milk and then whisk using a hand mixer it until you get the desired frothiness. Your froth is now ready!
  • Hand Whisking: Heat up your milk and then whisk it vigorously using your whisker in a back and forth motion. Your foam will be ready after several motions.
  • Pump Frother: For this method, you need to buy a special pump-style frother. Heat up your milk and put it in the pump frother. Fill it halfway since the milk expands during the frothing process. Vigorously pump up and down for about 15 seconds. Use towel to hold the lid down during this process since it becomes hot. Give the milk a minute’s rest before pouring.
  • French Press: Heat your milk over the stove and then pour into a French press. Vigorously pump it for about 10 seconds while holding down the lid. Remember to have allowance for milk expansion. Wait for a minute before pouring the milk.
  • Frothing Wand: Warm your milk using a stove or microwave and then immerse your battery powered frothing wand into the milk. Whisk and create a nice milk swirl until it froths to your liking. You can use the resulting velvety foam as your froth.

How to Froth Almond Milk

  • Using a microwave, heat up almond milk for about 30 seconds
  • Employ any of the above frothing methods for example using the electric mixer
  • Whisk until you get the desired frothiness
  • Hold back the foam with a spoon and pour the milk into your beverage of choice then top it up with the foam using the spoon

How to Froth Milk on Stove

  • Heat up your milk over a stove
  • Switch off the stove
  • Whisk the milk vigorously until you come up with a nice creamy foam
  • You may also subject the milk to the other froth techniques to achieve the same results depending on what is available and convenient to you

We have seen many different ways of frothing your milk. You may decide to use any of these methods according to your liking and availability of materials. However, you should note the two stand out techniques from the several that we have discussed. These are the frothing wand and French press techniques. The two methods promise the best-looking foam. Also, the frothing wand can work on other liquid ingredients and the French press is a multi-purpose tool.


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