How to Clean Zojirushi Water Boiler

Zojirushi water boilers are some of the best water boilers you can buy right now. If you own this appliance, then one of the things you must be wondering is how to clean it. Being an electronic appliance, you can’t just submerge it in water. On the other hand, it is an appliance used to prepare water for food items so it must be kept clean at all times.

Whether you are just curious or have discovered scum at the sides of your water boiler, don’t panic, it does not contaminate your water per se.  However, lowers your appetite for the next glass you take. With this in mind, here is how to clean a Zojirushi water boiler.

Also known as descaling, most cleaning actions for the Zojirushi water boiler will involve either citric acid or a lemon concentrate solution.

What you need

  1. Citric Acid
  2. Water

How to clean Zojirushi water boiler (Step by Step Guide)

  1. Add a 2-3 tablespoonful of citric acid into the liter of water and stir to dissolve.
  2. Pour the solution into your empty Zojirushi boiler, fill it to the brim with water and close the lid.
  3. Turn on your Zojirushi boiler and press the REBOIL button for 3 seconds or more to activate the descaling mode.
  4. After the water boils, open the lid and scourge it with a wooden scourge to remove scum from its sides.
  5. Pour out the first cycle boil water preferably from the spout rather than the open top. This flow facilitates cleaning of the spout. Dispose the water from the “EMPTY FROM HERE” outlet.
  6. Wipe it with a clean kitchen towel to rid it of any scale left on the sides. If you are just about to use the boiler, this step may not be necessary.
  7. In case you are wondering how to get rid of that citric acid smell, add more water to the inner container and boil a cup of water, allow for it to cool and dispense it.
  8. Repeat the cleaning process as many times as possible until you are satisfied.

How often should I clean Zojirushi water boiler?

It is commendable to clean your Zojirushi at least 2 times a year. You should, however, clean it more than twice a year if you use hard water most of the time.

What budget should you set aside for cleaning?

You don’t need that much to clean your Zojirushi water boiler. The only expenditure you will incur is on Citric Acid -check its current price here. A single pack should clean your appliance at least 3 times.


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