How Heated Socks Work To Keep Your Feet Cozy

The only good thing I can think of during winter is ice sports and making snowman during Christmas. Winter is the coldest time of the year and can quite nightmarish especially if you don’t keep warm. In fact, it can completely stall your activities and make your life unbearable. Those endless winter blisters, endless numb toes and not to mention the piles of thick and heavy clothes you have to heap on just to keep warm when heading out for a winter hunt or when skiing.

Certain medical conditions such as arthritis may deteriorate if you don’t keep certain parts of the body, such as the feet, warm. Your space heater or ordinary socks may not cut it especially if you’re headed outdoors.

Well thanks to technology, the best electric heated socks will give you a solution to all of your problems and I can’t keep calm! The socks are suitable for both men and women and should be worn with a thin pair for normal socks underneath to avoid bruising or burns when worn for long periods of time.

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How Do Heated Socks Work?

Heated socks are designed with small heating wires and are fitted with rechargeable batteries, that are neatly and discreetly tucked within the sock making it super light.

The battery heats the wires within the socks which in turn will heat up your feet. These battery heated socks are fitted with a microprocessor controller that gives you control over the heating intensity and duration. This has immediate control over how warm the socks feel and your battery life. Just like the Polar Seal heated top or heated jackets, these socks use the same mechanism to keep your body warm in the harsh weather.

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If you need the best heated socks for hunting, you’ll be glad to know that these keep your feet cozy for up to 4 hours when running on maximum heat setting. The battery life increases when you lower the heating effect with some socks hitting an amazing 10 hours when on the lowest power setting. This depends on the design these wires are fitted such that they are positioned at the sole of the foot when the sock is worn.

Types of heated socks

Rechargeable heated socks are available in different fabrics, ranging from cotton to polyester. It is the heating approach, however, that matters and not the fabric. One can choose from the two depending on the day’s activities.

The polyester material is best for the athletes or hunting, or anyone who will be pushing their feet hard but still wants to keep your feet extra warm. Cotton electric socks are mostly suitable if you intend on keeping indoors or just want to stay warm in the office.

Another popular kind of specialized heated socks is the wading socks. Waders heated socks are made of a blend of polyester and water proofing material. They’re designed to keep working no matter how much water you step into. This makes them ideal for hiking, hunting in swamp areas or when going out to explore the sea among the breaking ice pans.

How to Stay Safe When Using Heated Socks

Electric socks are relatively safe. They won’t burn your feet if you use them right. The heating element and the rechargeable batteries have an inbuilt fail safe mechanism that will shut off the battery connection in case of a malfunction. Nonetheless, when dealing with any battery pack, it’s always wise to stay safe than count on a failsafe mechanism to prevent accidents.

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Here are some things you can do to guarantee your safety when using heated electric socks:

Choosing the right sock for the right setting

Choosing the right socks depending on the activity is extremely important. Each sock is custom designed to fit the strain and stress of its target use. For example, the waders’ socks are specifically designed with longer cords than the ‘regular’ heated socks, so that the battery pack can be attached to your belt or wader pouch. This serves to minimize the risks of electric shocks.

So whether you are going for hunting, skiing, or biking on winter make sure you choose the correct type of socks.

Wear normal socks underneath

It is important that hen wearing heated socks that you wear the normal socks underneath it, directly to the skin. This acts to prevent burning or bruising in case they are worn for long hours or periods of time.

Detach the batteries before washing

It is advisable to detach the batteries from the socks before washing to make sure that it is not destroyed nor have defaults and to prevent electric shock during washing or while charging afterwards.


The reliability of the socks depends on a number of things including

Type of battery

Different socks contain different batteries depending on the designer. The lithium batteries have a longer life span compared to the other batteries.

Battery settings

The setting on the battery life will determine the length it will last. The hundred percent setting lasts less time compared to the low percentage setting.

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In other words, the higher the percentage setting the lower the battery life while the lower the battery percentage setting the higher the battery life.

Going out in the cold unprotected could lead to cold stress and frostbite. Even though there are effective frostbite first aid procedures that could save your limbs, severe cases of cold trauma can lead to irreparable damage that calls for an amputation. Heated electric socks are a good way to protect your feet from such an eventuality. Throwing in a pair of heated gloves should keep your hands equally warm in the cold weather.

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