Hoover Quest 800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Have you ever wanted a vacuum cleaner that cleans floors and carpets without supervision?  Well, the Hoover Quest 800 BH70800 robot vacuum does exactly that! It saves you the painful routine of daily vacuuming and those random runs immediately after something drops onto the floor.

The Hoover Quest 800 Robotic vacuum cleaner comes fully assembled out-of-the-box. You don’t need a manual to put it into action and while vacuuming, it isn’t loud and automatically floats over the carpets and underneath tables, chairs, and couches, removing every ounce of dirt on its way.

Its vacuuming capability is unquestionable and wherever it passes, you can be sure there won’t be any pet hair or dust left. This vacuum cleaner won’t topple over obstacles or tumble on the stairs as it has a built-in sensor that senses proximity to hurdles.

Hoover Quest 800 at a Glance

Your Hoover Quest 800 employs an intelligent navigation system, the QuestNav 2.0 to navigate around furniture and obstacle. The navigation system also gives it a set of cleaning patterns that are good enough for open space cleaning and a specific wall follow, an approach that is efficient at sucking up that dirt that hides next to the walls.

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The Hoover Quest 800 robot vacuum cleaner comes with a remote controller that can be used to change direction or dock it. You can also control it via a mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android, which also shows its location and alerts you of the charge status and whether its 0.4L dustbin is full.

Efficiency and Usability

The Tri-clean system is efficient at gathering dirt from your floors, be it a tile or hardwood floor. The system uses a side brush, a brush roller and a powerful suction to get the job done. While this might not be as impressive as you upright vacuum, you can still use the ‘Spot Clean’ mode to put full attention to those dirty spots.

Apart from the remote controller, you can connect to the Hoover robot vacuum from your smartphone. The problem is the control range is limited since you will be using Bluetooth that limits you to a couple of meters as opposed to Wi-Fi that will give you a free roam as long as you are in the house.

The Hoover Mobile App

The Hoover app is available on Android and Apple. A quick glance on Google Store app reviews might be enough to make you stick to the remote controller though. People complain of connectivity issue but I believe this happens when you try to access the Hoover Quest 800 from a distance Bluetooth can’t support.

If you can get the app connected to your tiny robot, you can use it to issue start, stop commands, tell the robot to go back to its doc or direct it to a specific area you want to clean.

You will also get a glimpse of the battery status and can turn on Quite Mode if the thing is making too much noise. Other useful features include a scheduling option that makes setting cleaning times better or giving you maintenance alerts.

Although it’s supposed to clean by itself, it needs slight supervision sometimes as it has a pre-encoded pattern that it follows, which seems suited for standard shaped rooms. When fully charged, it gets 120 minutes or runtime, which is enough to clean your living room and kitchen.

Hoover Quest 800 isn’t as powerful as the iRobot Roomba 650, nor spots a futuristic look like the EVERTOP intelligent vacuum cleaner, but it does a good job getting rid of pet hair and tiny specs of dirt from your carpets. The only negative aspect is that it kept leaving a few patches of dirt on the carpets and floors. If you are looking for a cheaper version that works just fine, I would recommend ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Important Features

  • Connectivity to mobile app via Bluetooth
  • App communication: Scheduling, Direction Control, Battery Status, Charge Status, Dust Bin Full Alert, Error Alert
  • 120 mins runtime
  • Has remote controller
  • 4 L dustbin size


  • Ready to use out-of-the-box
  • Has an intuitive phone app that can start, stop, direct, and even dock it
  • Has a remote controller
  • Questnav 2.0 technology that allows the robot vacuum cleaner to easily maneuver even under furniture for a clean sweep using a combination of patterns.
  • Built-in cliff sensor to avoid falling off stairs or obstacles
  • 120 minutes of runtime, automatically docks to recharge when it finishes cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Has a side brush to sweep debris into the vacuum and rubber feet to avoid sliding when docking
  • Has a quiet mode but lowers suction power to achieve it


  • Didn’t clean the entire carpet, left a few patches
  • Fails to find the dock sometimes
  • Needs a bit of supervision
  • After rising the bin, you have to wait for 24 hours to use it



Hoover Quest 800 Review Video

The Hoover Quest 800 BH70800 robot vacuum cleaner isn’t the best that there is, but at its price, it is a worthy acquisition that improves multitasking. It works right out of the box and has 2 hours of runtime. Having tested it, this robotic vacuum cleaner is worth buying due to the convenience it offers and the ability to be controlled remotely.

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    comment recharger la batterie completement déchargée

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    William F Druckman September 4, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Impossible to find how to replace spent battery for the vacuum cleaner.

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