Hoover Quest 700 (BH 70700) Robot Vacuum Review

Vacuuming is one of the most mundane yet unavoidable tasks in the house. With robotic vacuums taking over the job, you can be free to work on other things as the Bluetooth-enabled robot does its magic on the floor and the carpet. The Hoover Quest 700 robot vacuum offers an attractive workaround with a modest price tag.

Design and Appearance

Weighing at slightly under 8 pounds, this robotic vacuum cleaner might fool into belittling it. The grey-black and blue accent designs give it an interesting yet easy to overlook feel making it that reassuring gizmo that tells you it can take care of the vacuuming without sticking its prowess into your face.

The size in itself is enough to tell you that the Hoover 700, like most robotic vacuums, is meant to supplement your standing corded vacuum and not replace it. The short profile makes it easy to slither under furniture with considerable clearance while its hard shell will keep everything safe and in working order despite a few bumps here and there.

Features and Functionality

The Hoover Quest 700 uses state of the art Questnav 2.0 technology to make its way around the house using three distinct patterns as it cleans. The Questnav technology combines sensor input with pre-programmed cleaning patterns to come with the most efficient cleaning pattern for fast and efficient cleaning.

The Bluetooth connectivity lets you control the Hoover robot vac from your mobile app even though it doesn’t have a camera to show you what the vacuum is up to. The smartphone app lets you:

hoover quest 700 review bundled remote

  • Schedule cleaning
  • Issuer direction control commands
  • check the battery status and its charge
  • Get error alerts such as when the vacuum is trapped or some sensor is faulty

The alternative would be using a bundled remote control that has all it takes to issue most of the basic commands.

A virtual wall technology will keep the Hoover Quest 700 robot vacuum within the designated areas while its ability to automatically home onto its docking station for a recharge means that you really don’t have to too much maintenance when running this intelligent robot vacuum.

Efficiency and Reliability

The clever combination of the Questnav 2.0 and a Tri-Clean system that is capable of picking up dust, pet hair and general dirt in the up to the tightest corners makes it more efficient that you could afford to be with your daily manual vacuum runs.

An intelligent set of sensors keeps it from falling off stairs while additional invisible wall actuators help you keep the hardworking vacuuming from cleaning more than it actually should.

Other notable features that make it more efficient include:

  • The ability to clean multiple floor types
  • Automatic return to docking station to recharge
  • Clever scheduling that tells it when to come to life and do the vacuuming run without your involvement
  • A 90-minute Nickel-Metal Hydride battery. More than enough for a complete sweep before docking for recharging (takes 4-5 hours to charge)

At just 12.5 x 12.5 x 2.9 inches, the 8-pound robotic vacuum is more than sufficient for medium sized homes. While it will keep your home clean, you must be keen to do manual runs and emphasize on trouble spots every other weekend to keep the house clean.


  • QuestNav 2.0’s intelligent navigation will make the BH70700 handle a room much faster
  • Handles moderate dirt on hardwood and tile floors fairly well
  • An impressive 90 minute run time. More than enough for daily routine cleaning
  • A clever cleaning system with side brush handles corners pretty well


  • The hoover bh70700 is not so good at cleaning fluffy carpets and rugs. Works well on 3cm thick or less
  • Can’t go up or down stairs (the fall detection algorithm prevents this and the Hoover Quest 700 will shut down after falling for a few inches)
  • The 0.4 Lt dust container fills up fast in bigger houses or houses with more dust, dirt and pet hair


The clever and affordable Hoover BH70700 Quest 700 Bluetooth Vacuum Cleaner will make your housekeeping simpler leaving you free to do other chores around the house hence clean up faster. You must, however, not that the robot is meant to work on open floor areas and since it doesn’t have a mapping feature, it will have trouble picking its way around toys and objects strewn all over the floor. For such floors, you might have to consider the Hoover 1000. The Quest 700 will be a perfect way to keep everything clean and reduce the number of times you have to bring out your corded vacuum.It is a worthy investment and sufficient if you are around to help it out in case it encounters an obstacle its mighty robotic brain can’t process.

It is a worthy investment and sufficient if you are around to help it out in case it encounters an obstacle its mighty robotic brain can’t process and it compares favorably with competitors like the Rollibot Genius BL800or check out this post detailing the best when it comes to roomba vs rollibot.

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