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Tired of spending long hours comparing and contrasting? You don’t have to do it anymore. Our team combs offline and online stores looking for the best gadget in each category before coming up with comprehensive comparisons and buying guides just for you. You can keep on checking for new buying guides or just subscribe and be the first one to read the next buying guide.



A good review gives you perfect insight into what you want to buy. It saves you the frustration, the return charges and cuts you some slack. Let The Gadget Reviews reviewers battle with all the tests and uncertainties. You can use our reviews to know the gadget you want to buy next and make an informed decision long before you click that order now button.


How to & DIY

We all understand how much you love being in the know and doing things for yourself. That is why we spend time creating comprehensive How Tos and DIY guides to help you bring you automation and gadget use dream to reality. Go through our How To posts and videos to master all the installation, troubleshooting or just to know different gadgets or software work.


From the Blog

warm mist vs cool mist
Cool Mist Humidifiers Vs Warm Mist Humidifier: Which One Should You Go For?
Table of Contents1 Cool Mist Humidifier Vs Warm Mist Humidifier Comparison1.1 Cool Mist Humidifier: Features1.2 Warm Mist Humidifier: Features1.3 Operational
Read more.
Gojo foam soap dispenser
Gojo 273012 TFX Foam Soap Dispenser Review
Table of Contents1 Build quality2 Compatibility with industry standards3 Warranty4 Functionality5 Maintenance6 Pros7 Cons8 Verdict We are all familiar with
Read more.
Honeywell Mistmate HUL520 vs HUL535
Honeywell Mistmate Humidifier Review
Table of Contents1 Honeywell Mistmate HUL5201.1 Pros1.2 Cons2 Honeywell Mistmate HUL5352.1 Pros2.2 Cons3 Honeywell Mistmate: How to Clean4 Conclusion Humidifiers
Read more.
health benefits of dehumidifier for asthmatics
Are Dehumidifiers Good for Asthma?
Air with excess moisture can be as uncomfortable to asthmatics as dry air. If you have asthma, sensitive sinuses or
Read more.
best cordless screwdriver
2018 Best Cordless Screwdrivers
Table of Contents1 Torque2 Battery Capacity and Voltage3 Screw Driver Design and Weight4 List of the Best Cordless Screwdrivers 20184.1
Read more.
best projectors under 200
Best Projector Under $200 – 2018 Buyer’s Guide
Table of Contents1 What To Look For in a Projector1.1 Image quality1.2 Brightness1.3 Connectivity1.4 Compactness1.5 User-Friendliness2 Best Projector Under $200
Read more.
Neato vacuum cleaner
Neato Vs Roomba Vacuum Cleaner: Which is the Best?
If you’re tired of pushing and pulling your vacuum cleaner around the house, then its time you left this time-consuming
Read more.
best warm mist humidifiers
Best Warm Mist Humidifier 2018 -Buying Guide
Table of Contents1 Benefits of Warm Mist Humidifiers2 What To Look For When Buying A Humidifier2.1 Type of humidifier2.2 Warm
Read more.
froth milk without frother
How to Froth Milk without a Frother
If you do not have a steamer an espresso machine, do not despair because you can still froth milk without
Read more.
Apex Ap-Pro Regent Massage Chair
Apex Ap-Pro Regent 4D Massage Chair Review
Table of Contents1 Apex Ap-Pro 4D Massage Chair Review1.1 A Unique Shoulder Massage Experience1.2 A Heating Blanket1.3 A Heated Foot
Read more.
vacuum cleaner hose
How to Unblock a Vacuum Hose
When faced with a blocked vacuum hose, you would ordinarily turn to the hassle of ramming a broom handle down
Read more.
Zojirushi boiler and warmer
How to Clean Zojirushi Water Boiler
Zojirushi water boilers are some of the best water boilers you can buy right now. If you own this appliance,
Read more.
best cheap router for gaming
Best Cheap Router for Gaming 2018 -Buyer’s Guide
Table of Contents1 What are the requirements for a good gaming router?2 The Best Cheap Wireless Router for Gaming 20182.1
Read more.
anova sous vide cooking
How To Use Anova Sous Vide Cooker
Sous vide is a cooking style that involves using precise temperature control resulting in a restaurant grade outcome. In this
Read more.
Best Foaming Soap Dispenser -2018 Buyer’s Guide
Table of Contents1 Top Rated Foam Soap Dispensers In 20181.1 Nigeper automatic soap dispenser -Best technology1.2 Lantoo automatic soap dispenser
Read more.
Rollibot vs Roomba comparison review
Rollibot Vs Roomba Vacuum Cleaner: Which is the Best?
Over the years, modern technology has been able to revolutionize many activities ranging from doing laundry, cooking, and much more.
Read more.

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