This Brilliant Rhythm of Lights Music Box Will Bring Your Holiday Decorations to Life

No holiday is ever complete without some music and the right decorative lighting. A cool Christmas carol or eerie Halloween tunes working with perfect harmony to lights that seem to echo the sound is the perfect way to stand out from the rest of the mundane and traditional lighting. The holiday Brilliant rhythm of sounds and lights is a Bluetooth controlled gadget that will power and shape your lights while belting out cool tunes to set the mood right.

At a Glance

At first glance, this Christmas light music box doesn’t look like something you’d love to show off. The gray top and black bottom of the hexagonal unit is easy to ignore as long as you set it at a distance from the light shows. Actually, it would look like one of the presents if you can set it under the Christmas tree.

If you are doing Halloween decorations, you can set it among a couple of pumpkins or surround it with eggs for that Ester feel. A simple cord snakes from the wall unit to the Holiday Brilliant light and show box while another cable goes from the box to the lights you are powering.

Setting up the Bluetooth Music Box

Setting up the lights is simple thanks to the Holiday Brilliant app that puts all the controls straight into your mobile device. First, download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. The app uses Bluetooth to communicate with the music and light controller and to also stream music straight to the box.

Once you have the app, you can connect the lights to the light out port before plugin in the holiday decorative lights controller to the wall. Push the power button to turn it on and find it on your Bluetooth device list. Pairing, in this case, is all about pressing the Bluetooth button on the controller.

Once the phone and lights controller are paired, you can choose from one of the nine lighting effects displayed on your app. The most interesting, perhaps, would be sensor mode that synchronizes the lights to any music or audio you play from your mobile device.

The Advantages

  • The instructions and use guide is quite simple. You will find the app straightforward and easy to set up once you have gone beyond the initial Bluetooth set up
  • The up to 9 light effects options will make your display fresh every time and make changing easier as opposed to other controllers that have manual controls
  • Adding music to the show makes the whole thing more interesting

The Disadvantages

  • Can only connect to one smartphone at a go.
  • The Holiday Brilliant controller can only live indoors or in a sheltered place. The lights might go out but the music won’t
  • Don’t expect the speaker sound quality to be a mind blowing surround


Adding some wireless control over what your holiday lights do is quite neat. Combine this with the freedom to play music or theme songs and you’ve found the perfect tool to set the mood right and immerse you straight into the fun. Even though it is a pity the Bluetooth music box and light controller doesn’t have a USB port to play its own music, it will still be worth it if you don’t mind keeping your phone within 5 meters of the controller for perfect control.

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    Marie Allendorph December 12, 2017 at 6:07 pm

    Do you know stores that carry this?

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