Heat Storm Deluxe Logan Space Heater Review

heat storm deluxe logan infrared space heaterSpace heaters are a perfect way to keep those far flung regions of your house warmed up without cranking up your main HVAC thermostat too much.

This gets even better when the space heater is a portable unit complete with a thermostat and an appealing look to match the decor. This is exactly what the Heat Storm Delux Logan brings to play.

The Delux Logan Space Heater is absolutely stunning. The smooth finished Walnut surface features a characteristic patina that will give it an irresistible look regardless of your current home decor.

A smooth black facade and a red glowing thermostat encased in a silvery border just above the Heat Storm logo crowns that classy look that will make this space heater a worthy accessory even when you are not using it.

If you are not comfortable with your heater living behind the wood, you can throw a lot with the ceramic New Optimus oscillating space heater.

The deluxe grade space heater is a beautiful dark walnut unit with a subtle digital thermostat interface that lets you keep tight control over the temperatures around the heater.

A USB port will let you charge your smartphone or Bluetooth speaker without moving far away from the heater’s warmth radius.

My most lovable feature is the simple remote controller that has an on the button and two buttons to adjust the heating level. Quite efficient if you are looking forward to a lazy day and don’t want to fiddle with the space heater’s button every now and then.

The heating radius and efficiency will vary depending on ambient temperature and how good the room you are in are insulated. The 750W to 1500W heater is more than enough to heat a decent radius of around 1000 square feet while the accurate thermostat mates with the patented Heat Management System (HMS) to give you the best service without eating too much into your utility bills.

Your Deluxe Logan portable space heater will be enough for small to medium sized rooms or if you just want to heat a specific section of a bigger house thanks to its. If you are looking for something bigger, the Lifesmart six element heater might do the trick.

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