Gravity Hook Review -High Performance Grappling Hook For Everyday Use

If you are a survivalist or anything else along those lines, a unique utility tool such as the Gravity Hook would surely be of interest to you.

The Gravity Hook is a tool, which combines a grappling hook and a gravity claw into one tool that you can refer to as a ‘grappling gravity hook’. It features a clever design that allows you to quickly switch between the two applications.

This can be done by removing the middle cross-bar, which enables transformation of this grappling hook into a grabbing claw-like tool.

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Gravity Hook Review: How Useful is This Folding Grappling Hook?

The current version of the grappling hook was preceded by the original Gravity Hook –which was released back in 2015. The current version is heavier and better and comes in stainless steel or titanium. The stainless steel version weights about 12 pounds while the titanium version is lighter. On the contrary, the titanium hook costs double the cost of the steel hook.

The Gravity Hook is made up of different parts which combine to make it stronger and more flexible. These are; a cross hook, three hammers, three links, self-locking nuts and bolts.

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This hook is a high performance tool because of the following features

  • It comes in either titanium, stainless steel or non-metallic Derlin, meaning it can handle heavy loads
  • Its components can be dismantled for easier storage
  • It can be used as a four-pronged or two-pronged hook
  • You can easily carry it on a hiking backpack strap by clamping its jaws across the strap and looping the tail
  • It easily clings onto objects that may slip off a grapnel

How to Use Gravity Hook

Being a cross between a grappling hook and a mechanical claw, the Gravity Hook is quite effective. As soon it touches the ground, it utilizes gravity to push its jaws open. When you lift it, it closes its jaws around the intended object, enabling you to pick it up easily. Just make sure to have a rope long enough to reach your targeted object.

To keep the Gravity Hook during this process, you should tighten the bolts and nuts on any of the cross links. Alternatively, you may take advantage of the supplied O-rings to ensure that the hook remains closed while lifting objects. With proper use, the Gravity Hook is capable of holding up to 170 Pounds worth of load.

However, you should note that is not recommended for holding up people. It is worth noting this fact because the Gravity Hook has neither been tested nor certified to hold human weight. You should also avoid using it in any instance where dislodging or any form of failure may result in damage of property or bodily harm.


Being a well-made piece of engineering, the Gravity Hook does a splendid job in retrieving dropped items. It even works well under water meaning you can retrieve items and even treasure from water bodies.

For its 5.25″ X 0.38″ X2.5″ form factor, it is quite impressive in the amount of weight that it can haul. When you purchase the Gravity Hook, it also comes pre-assembled saving you the time of doing everything by yourself.


The Gravity Hook works pretty well in general with the only downside to its functionality being its limited amount of load capacity.

If you are out to pull and retrieve gear, haul or snag something, the Gravity Hook will impress you. It is available on Amazon. You can also get additional accessories for the hook to avoid inconveniences when using it.

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