FunAce Smart Car Air Purifier and Freshener USB Rechargeable

Everybody enjoys a clean and fresh air. Now thanks to the Smart car Air purifier ionizer, it is much possible to maintain this freshness even in your car. The smart Car Air purifier Ionizer is an effective and compact wireless air purifier that makes use of the advanced ionization process to purify the air in your car. Though small in nature, this device has more to offer than what meets the eye.

Features of the FunAce Smart Car Air Purifier Ionizer


The Smart Car Air Purifier Ionizer uses an advanced ionization technology to break down bad smell and dirt. Thanks to this technology, this device eliminates the use of filters.

Smart sensors

This one of the greatest features found in this device. With the smart sensors, your Smart Car Air Purifier Ionizer device will be able to turn on when it senses vibrations and go to sleep when you leave your car.

Dual air ionizer

The dual air ionizer found in the Smart Car Air Purifier Ionizer releases 8 million negative Ions/cm3. These ions attack and kill the surrounding harmful organism leaving your car not only smelling better but also adequately protected.


  • Noise free. Smart Car Air Purifier Ionizer is one hundred percent noise-free. This means that the device will not interfere with your music experience when you are driving.
  • Installs quite easily on a car’s air vent, thanks to the small clip on its back.
  • Very sleek with an aesthetically pleasing design.


  • It’s not an instant type of device. It takes a little bit of time before you start feeling its impact.


Clearly, the Smart Car Air Purifier Ionizer device is the best device when it comes to cleaning your car. It eliminates cigarette smoke, bacteria, bad odor, and pollens from your car. If you have been struggling with such issues then this is the right device to get you going.

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